LoL: Odyssey 5 Tips

using your warp is like a x3 flash, it makes you invincible for a split second and can help you get away from Kayn or other enemy’s if you’re about to die

the cooldown for it is very long, if your teammate is down for 20 or 10 seconds don’t bother and just wait for when the timer is 30+

me and my friends did this method and we had a extra life to fight Kayn in the end, (we didn’t need it but it’s always good to have)

Malphite: His ult is good for making a lot of enemies go to one corner And you can kill a mass of the enemies in that corner, it helps get exp faster & if you’re on Kayn he can push Kayn out of some of his abilities, sometimes it works though and sometimes it doesn’t.

Yasuo: If he has the augment that lets the tornados do extra damage, & makes the tornados follow him it’s easier to wipe out a lot of the monsters surrounding your team. Especially if malphite ults them all to a corner

Add on option Sona : having a sona with Cascade, Rhythm, Benediction, Hyped (for a 5th one you can go ahead and do concerto or cascade!) it helps a lot since she can cleanse and heal more the 1 person and can pretty much spam heal more then usual.

Tip 5: have a full team (if you can)
Having a full team is usually a higher chance for success
Or you can risk it with a few random people but remember there is a lot of new people recently because of the events recruitment link and missions.
So if you don’t wanna babysit try to have a full queue !

This is my experience with the event so far And honestly with randos onslaught was too difficult since they didn’t know what to do and kept dying so we ended up HAVING to have a full queue! Whoever their buddy is should really help them ;-;

Having a beautiful magical wonderful day!

~ Gothendel ⭐️

Note: I’m not sure if this would be general or guide but I think it would be general


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Sweet and Simple Guide: How and Why Split Pushing Will Help You Climb

This guide is going to teach YOU how to properly and safely win games the more tactical and efficient way.

When you split push you are basically creating "Map Pressure", that forces the enemy to respond to your actions because if they don't it allows you to get free objectives, but keep in mind they won't be happy. I'm the beginning you will die, a lot, but hey— that's all apart of learning.

In this guide I will explain the easiest way and okayist builds for split pushing for every role. There is 2 main types of split pushing and different meta builds for getting the job done right way. I've even added a couple of helpful tips that'll make it so you can help inch your team to victory, you're welcome.

How to split efficiently

Ward. Just ward. Buy a sweeper lense, a control ward, pop the lense, walk into the enemy jungle and clear their wards and drop your own. With that vision you can see who's trying to stop you, if it's one person, you can fight. However, if yoy get two or three people trying to stop you that's even better. When you get two or three people running in your lane to stop you, your team can take control of the other side of the map. So use your pings to tell your team where the enemy is, so they can try to grab a dragon, rift herald or even a Baron.

Sometimes (especially if you're a top laner like Garen, Jax, Yorick or Nasus) you could be the reason why the enemy's base is open. And when the enemy has an open base there are so many ways you can bait the enemy to respond on one side of the map while you're in their base taking their nexus. You can get your team to fake taking Baron or Elder Drake and while they're fighting, you can be on the enemy nexus, winning.

First type of split pushing: Tower slapping.

This form of split pushing is for the melee champions like tanks and bruisers. If your champion builds a Trinity force or Ice born Gauntlet, the you'll do planty of damage to towers. Items that help you put the beat down on towers is Rageblade and Titanic Hydra (it let's you get a free auto attack reset on tower). Talking about hydras, let's talk about Tiamat as that is a melee champ's best friend for easy wave clear, with the standard tiamat or Ravenous Hydra you can spam the active for easy AOE damage. However, Titanic Hydra is where it's at for split pushing as the active can actually one-shot caster minions.

Second type of split pushing: Minion wave stacking.

If you're playing a champion like a mage of a Marksman before their 2 item power spike, this is a great way to deal good damage to towers while simultaneously denying the enemy gold. What you do is that you last hit the enemy minions when they only have a sliver of health left, don't use any abilities, just last hit and be patient. What this does is that it makes it so your minions spend more time in the lane then under the tower, and you can gather up to 3 minion waves and push it under the enemy tower so they all focus on it. Once this huge stack of minions are under the enemy tower, spam abilities to kill the enemy wave so it doesn't kill your minions. Each minion does between 10-25 a hit, multiply that by 17-19 the tower will fall in minutes.

Best items for split pushing.

I will name an item build that will make it easy for you to shred minions and/or towers.
Top Lane:
-Tanks (Sion, Cho'gath, Ornn ect..): The combination of Sunfire Cape and Abyssal Mask will give you more than enough burn damage to kill minions. Warmogs is great for tanks because when you stack nothing but resistances being able to regen your health back to full is a royal pain for the enemies to deal with (spam cntr4 as they try to kill you). Last but not least, ZZ'rot, to release the beasts.

-Juggernauts (Garen, Nasus, Yorick ect...) If you haven't been sleeping under a rock for the past few patches, you'd know that Trinity force and Sterakk's Gage is essential for most Juggernauts. So for your last item I'd suggest a Titanic Hydra for wave clear or a Dead man's Plate for faster roams.

-Bruisers (Fiora, Jax, Irelia): You already buy Triforce, so I would just opt out for Titanic Hydra for the extra active damage as it basically allows you to one shot the backline minions. Finally get a Guardian angel or a some form of sustain that makes you annoying to deal with like a Blood Thirster for Fiora or a Gunblade/Sterakk's for Jax.

-Mages (Anivia, Lux, Vel'koz ect...): Items like Luden' Echo and Liandry's Torment makes a great impact for quickly killing minions, spam your abilities and shove enough minions under that tower and you'll get tower gold in no time.

AD assassins (Zed, Talon, Jayce): You do know armor pen works on turrets, right? Well now you do.

AP assassins (Fizz, Fizz and Kassasdin, also Fizz):
Lich bane does deal incredible damage to towers, especially if you're Fizz or Kassadin and have a fully stacked Mejia's because that just happens naturally on Fizz or Kassadin.

Bot lane
Marksman (ADCs, you know): Runaan's Hurricane OR, not both, or Statikk Shiv will allow you to shred minion waves, and marksman will always do hit towers hard mid to late game, so just focus on right clicking minions waves, clear them out and go for gates.

Supports (Thresh, Soraka, Fizz... Wait...): If you have Redemption, you have wave clear.

Junglers (idk, Fizz...): If you want to split push, the best item for it is the Eye of the Herald, you'll never guess how you get it, but you totally should.

If you read through this whole guide, feel free to ask questions. I'm always down to sometimes read and ignore comments (jk).


Experience with Reworked NuNu and Willump

Alright, so you see I’ve been patiently waiting for the nunu & willump rework, and honestly they’re so adorable and the visuals are so cute.
But the gameplay is important to me as well. I played him support jungle and top.

Support: now supporting you’re going to depend on your W (worlds biggest snowball) this cannot go over enemy minions and will smack into them with a knock up stun. If you happen to walk into a champion with this, you can use your R to slow and damage them either take the kill or give it to your ADC either one will work,
Now for the starting support item, I find that relic shield and ancient coin work the best, ancient coin helps with more lane sustain because of the mana coins, but relic shield makes you be able to take more hits as a support in the beginning of the game. Your Q is good for running regaining health just make sure you know your adc before you take any bites out of cs cause you most likely will take it..just out of personal experience, they usually won’t mind if you take one since you do need to regain Health but their will always be that one.

Jungle: now jungle. You’re going to want to start your Q. Personally I really like to start Q because bite damage is bigger then E the snowballs damage, though you can stun with your E.
Second I go W worlds biggest snowball so I can knock up my farm and bite them, or you could do your snowballs it’s really all in personal preference but my usual order is Q - W - E during certain matchups, if I am doing invading I will usually go Q - E - W , so I can take the enemy jungles camps faster if I am only level 3.
You can successfully gang at level 4 or even 3 if you want to do the level 3 Ganks. Just make sure to signal before you go in! You’re going to use your worlds biggest snowball for your gank and knock them up + stun! & starting jungle item is just all personal pref, I like to take hunters machette first.

Top: now top can always be a tricky or easy lane just depends on what’s happening, you’re going to want to farm it up! If they decide to go in on you, use your W, worlds biggest snowball to knock them up and you could end up winning the fight if you use your snowballs in the process (E) and if you have ult go ahead and use it, don’t be scared to press that R button, it can win you 1v1 and team fights, you can honestly start Doran’s Shield if you are going for tank Nunu and willump, or you could go a AP item like Doran’s Ring for the beginning.

Total over all build: I personally like to build half and half, half tank and half AP, building full AP makes you able to kill enemies faster but you also die quicker..you’re somewhat “squshie” building full tank you still do damage! Trust me but you’ll just have less AP and you’ll be harder to get rid of.
See building half and half, gives me both benefits of AP damage and sustain.

These are the three lanes I’ve played him in, if you would like me to try him mid let me know.

- have a wonderful day and thanks for reading

~ Gothendel


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Why Right Now is the Best Meta of All Time

I recently encountered a team that ran Taric jungle and Janna adc. Not in solo queue - Fnatic locked it in against Misfits in the EU LCS. If that doesn’t prove it then nothing will: you can play anything anywhere. Lucian top and Darius bot? No problem. In fact your team will probably thank you. That’s the crazy thing about this meta: you get the freedom to try out anything you want, and your teammates aren't going to run it down mid because of it.
Not only can you try champs you don’t play, but you can try roles you don’t play. Are you a support main that always had a sneaking suspicion that Rakan would be OP mid lane? Well now’s your chance to find out. It’s no wonder that this meta has made for some of the most entertaining LCS games ever.
We’ve never had quite this much freedom before, and in a game where champions have historically had a set identity (tank) or role (top), this freedom is just what the game needed. Not to mention the fact that it's a direct consequence of something we asked for. We wanted shorter games and the only way for that to happen is to make the game snowball harder. It makes sense that the meta is filled with champions that love to fight and all-in early.
One thing about this meta is certain: League will come out better in the end. By encountering new matchups that would have never happened before, players learn what other lanes have been having to deal with this whole time. People are learning how OP some champion are, how oppressive they are in laning phase. They’re learning that it’s not always their teammates fault when they die in lane to an Aatrox or Swain.
Players that used to only care about their lane and the meta in their lane are starting to care about the game as a whole. That’s important. In fact, it's the most important thing for the long-term health of a game. That's why this meta is the best meta of all time, and why it is the key for League of Legends to remain the flagship game in eSports and online gaming.


PopularThe #1 Secret Key to Climbing at ANY Elo

It's a very simple 2-step process.
Step 1: Look at the map
Step 2: Tell your teammates what you see
That's it.
The better you do this 2-step process, the higher and quicker you'll climb. Period.
Now you may be thinking that there's no way that this applies to every elo. You may think that Diamond players have perfect map awareness (they don't), or that Bronze players just simply won't listen to pings (we can argue about that later), but even if these misconceptions were true, my method for climbing would still work.
Here's why:
League of Legends is all about macro. It does not matter how good your mechanics are, how much cs you get, or how many kills you get. The ONLY thing that matters is which team kills the other's Nexus first. In other words, every single time you play a game of League, your goal is exactly the same: destroy the Nexus.
This means that everything you do during every game should be focused on that one goal of destroying the enemy Nexus. The only way to destroy the Nexus is to get objectives. This means that your focus during every game, regardless of your position, should be aimed at getting the objectives you need to win the game.
Back to the Strat:
You're probably wondering what more there could possibly be to such a simple process. You're probably tired of people telling you to look at the map. You already know you should look at the map. That's not why I'm here.
You may have noticed that I said the "better" you do the 2-step process the higher and quicker you'll climb as opposed to "more often." Knowing when to look at the map and what information to share with your team are important aspects of the process.
Although the "Golden Rule" is to look at the minimap between every cs (for laners), focusing on following this rule isn't going to help you at all. The problem is that people advocate looking at the map without understand WHY looking at the map is important. Remember, this all comes down to objectives.
So, why do we need to look at the map? So we can get the information we need to strategically attack objectives. What information is that? Glad you asked.
The following is CRITICAL information that you find by looking on the map:
1) Where the bad guys are
2) Where the bad guys aren't
3) Where the minions are
4) Where the minions aren't
5) Ward locations
6) Objective timers
Any time you look at the map and find ANY of the information listed above, you NEED to communicate what you've learned to your team. How you communicate this info to your team is critical in how much success it brings you. Let's look at a few examples:
Example 1) You're the jungler and you notice that the enemy Fizz mid lane just walked into bot side river brush.
-A) You ping mia on the mid lane. Fizz walks bot lane and gets a double kill. You say, "well I pinged mia...."
-B) You ping mia on the mid lane and you ping caution on the bot lane. You type to your team "Fizz headed bot lane be careful." Your bot lane stops pushing and tries to farm safely from their side of lane. Fizz walks bot lane and because your told your bot lane to back up, the opportunity for a good gank is gone. Fizz is upset about this and tries to dive your bot lane under turret. He dies and your Janna types "lul" in all chat.
This is the absolute most basic communication you should be giving your team. If you see somebody go mia without knowing which direction they were headed, ping 4 times. Make sure your team knows. If you do this in Bronze, you will climb.
Let's take a look at a more advanced example:
Example 2) You're the mid lane Orianna and you're losing badly to the mid lane Zed. Zed just walked into the bot side river brush. By now you're getting pretty good at looking at the map, so you've also noticed that both your jungler and the enemy jungler are farming their respective bot side jungles. It's clear that there could be a massive fight bot lane that could completely change the outcome of the game. What should you do?
A lot of people's first reaction would be to follow the Zed bot so that they can be there to help their team for the fight. This is WRONG. If you're behind the Zed, you CANNOT walk into the dark behind him. All you can do to help bot lane at this point is to give them all the info you have. Ping danger through the river where Zed is coming, ping danger in the bot side jungle where the enemy jungler is, ping assistance on your own jungler and the bot lane. If the fight is too much for them to handle under their turret, ping them to give up the turret. MAKE SURE they know that you ARE NOT coming to the fight.
INSTEAD of going to the fight, you head top lane because you know that the enemy jungler is bot. You gank top lane and get a kill, and because the enemy jungler is still bot, you then take rift herald with your top laner. If you do this Diamond, you will climb.
This is perhaps the most important concept to understand: Looking at the map isn't just beneficial because it helps keep your team safe, it's beneficial because it allows your team to play as aggressively as possible without committing errors.
So remember,
Step 1: Look at the map
Step 2: Tell your teammates what you see
As always, I'll be here to answer any questions or go over any specific problems you're encountering on the ever-evolving League of Legends ladder. See you all at the top.


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