POPULARIdentity: A League of Legends Story - Chapter 2: Intrigues in Demacia

[Malbourn troops gathering infront of the royal palace]

It had been a true disaster!
The next days the news of the king's and queen's death had spread all over the world. Grief and despair filled the mood of Demacians while hymns of thriumph were sung in Noxus. And in between there was prince Jarvan IV being crowned as the youngest king in the history of Demacia. Although it was the duty on oath of every of the ten lords of Demacia only three attended the crowning ceremony to bend knee to Jarvan IV. Nobody had faith in the child as he was just to young to rule a whole kingdom. It didn't take long and even the remaining three lords stopped respecting him. Noticing that the young king had no supporters anymore Lord Malbourne arranged a meeting with the other six lords. Malbourne had forged a plan which shall influence the future of every demacian inhabitant.

The six lords had gathered in Lord Malbournes office. He was the director of the Royal Bank of Demacia then there was Lord Lox adminstrative authority of taxes, Lord Lynx the commander-in-chief of the city watch and Lord Serris the master of shadows, who has his eyes and ears everywhere - just to name a few.
"Mylords!" Malbourne greeted his guests. "I have asked you to gather to share my plans with you!"
"Together -mylords- we form the most powerful force of Demacia! We control the money, the city watch, and soon... even the people.
In these dark days Demacia seeks for an determined emperor. An emperor who has the experience and the will to lead Demacia into a new - into a better future!
Me, Lord Henry Augustus Malbourne, I am such a leader!"
The other lords looked at Malbourne baffled. "Jarvan III despised me, taunted me, belittled my concerns ... now he's dead -killed by the noxians, of whom I tried to warn him for ages! Now his little son, Jarvan IV occupies his fathers throne ready to rule Demacia into the ruin! But I won't let that happen! I am a man of the people, so I say we overturn that child and his few supporters and I will be the new king!"
Incredulous whispers resonated from the group.
"Conspire against the king? But that's high treason!" Lord Lox uttered outraged.
"Lord Lox..." Malbourne looked at Lox evily. "As adminestrative authority of the taxes I understand that the only thing you concern about is robbing the poor, yet still you disappoint me!" he joked supercilious
"Lord Malboune! I won't let you get along with that! Our rebellion was established to help Demacia, but replacing the king... nobody will benifit from that. No body but you! I won’t tolerate your selfish plans anymore! I'm out!" Lox said furious and wanted to leave. Unfazed, Malbourne raised his hand and the two guards next to him bottled Lox up.
"I will be the new king!" Lord Malbourne said. "So the only one you are conspiring against right now is me!"
"You are crazy!" Lox yelled.
"Sir Dylan! Show the lords how their new king will handle high treason!" he told to one of the guards.
"It would be a pleasure, your grace!" Sir Dylan answered daggering Lox with a thrust into his back.
Frightened and terrified the other lords just watched deedless.
"As we clarified that, is anyone else planning to conspire against me?" Malbourne asked into the round with a strict mien.
The other lords looked on the ground embarassed
"No? Alright, so we'll stage the coup tomorrow at dawn!" Malbourne decided.
"Yes, Sir!" the group replied.
"I am not you sir, I am your grace!" Malbourne shouted.
"Yes, Your Grace!" the lords corrected.
"Dismissed!" Malbourn commanded and the lords obeyed leaving the room.
"That was easy!" he grinned at Sir Dylan.
"So to say the throne's already yours, your grace!" Sir Dylan assured.

The next day in the morning everything was prepared.
At a small market square all the Malbourn troops and the city watch had gathered. Lord Malbourn had thrown over an armor himself leading his troops towards the royal plaza.
With deafening din the military convoy set off. It was still early in the morning, only few beams of sunlight dropped on the small alleyways from between the roofs. Marching in step the Malbourne troops slowly proceeded towards the Royal Plaza.
Few citzens, probably merchants, stepped aside frightened watching the spectacle. As the column finally reached the Plaza there were already hundrets of bystanders watching excited. Though their excitement quickly faded as they finally made out the severity of the imminent event. Malbourn troops as far as the eye could reach covered the whole royal plaza.
Ahead of his troops Malbourne stood at the foot of the Royal Palace.
"STAND TO ATTENTION!" he bawled that the echo still returned several times.
Within a second every single Malbourn soldier stood still.
Malbourne approached the few guards who stood behind the entrance gate warily watching the scene.
"I, your majesty, Lord Henry Malbourne command my subjects to open the gate for their new king!" he ordered.
One soldier behind the gate stepped forward suspiciously eying Malbourne.
"Excuse me?“ he asked frowning.
"I repeat -" Malbourne started again, but the soldier interrupted him
"Me, Sir Lighthome, Commander of the Royal Guard I only know but one king, a king who is finally able to sleep calmly again after he at last overcame his fathers death and on the honor of my family it is not and will never be you!" he replied unafraid.
The two stared into each others eyes like two angry bulls.
"SQUARE OFF!" Malbourne once again bawled. Every syllable, which left his mouth was accompanied by tons of spit.
Again the Mabourne troops obeyed pulling their swords and getting in attack position.
"Every guard of the king who surrenders now will obtain pardon by me!" Malbourne assured, but none of the guards behind the gate purpoted to surrender.
"Bring the king to safety!" Sir Lighthome hissed to some of his guards.
They nodded and headed inside the palace.
"This is the last warning! A coup d'etate is charched with death, Lord Malbourne!" Lighthome warned him, but Malbourne just laughed hysterically.
"These men refuse entrance to their new king! Spare nobody of these traitors!" Malbourn ordered his men. "Tear down this gate!"

So the massacre started. Considering the superior number of Malbourne troops the few guards of the king had no chance at all. At first the Malbourne men positioned a battering ram in front of the gate smashing through with ease.
Regardless of the causalties the Malbourne troops cleared the yard infront of the palace. Malbourne who didnt make a move to help his soldiers only waited until everything was secure to strut past his men towards the entrance of the palace accompanied by Sir Dylan.
"Clear the throne room!" he commanded to his men, while he once again stayed away from the battle. When everything was safe one soldier gave him a sign and he entered the throne room. Corpses covered the whole room. Mostly royal guards but also few Malbourne troops. The blood stained the whole floor dyeing the ground and the walls in reddish colors. Lord Malbourne strode up to the throne not deigning a single look at the dead bodies. Behind the throne he suddenly noticed somebody hiding.
"Ah, your grace, I was already looking for you!" he grinned as he recognized the young Jarvan IV, who fearfully glimpsed over the throne. Without further hesitation Malbourne grabbed Jarvan's hand pulling him forth.
"I'm afraid but your time ruling Demacia is over now!" he explained not having the slightest empathy. The little boy struggled to loosen from Malbournes grab.
"Sir Dylan! Take this nag with you! Blindfold him then take a horse and bring him that far south into the woods that he won't ever find his way back to Demacia!" Malbourne ordered ruthlessly.
"Copy that!" Dylan said tearing the boy with him.
"FINALLY!" Malbourne thought reliefed and sat down on the throne.
"Finally the last obstacle to my regency is cleared away forever!"

[To be continued!]

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Identity: A League of Legends Story - Chapter 1: A storm is approaching

It was that one night.
Rain flooded the ground. A lightning lightened the sky shortly then there was the rumbling thunder making the ground shake.
The man took cover behind a rock for a second fearing to be struck by a lightning. In his hands he held a little baby. Not far behind him he percived voices and dogs barking from deeper in the woods. He had to go on! Protect the small boy from these men! As the next lightning flashed over the sky he caught a glimpse at one of these man. Silver armor...... and the blazon of Demacia on his chest!
"C'mon he can't be too far away!"
one of them shouted and that was the signal for the escapee to continue running!
Fleeing over one of the fields he recognized a little hut in the distance - that was his only chance to bring the baby to safety! Nobody shall ever detect the nursling - nor the secrets of his orgin! The dogs got closer and closer. Soon they would have caught him!
The little baby wasn't his.
He commited many deeds, took peoples lifes for money and for honor! However this time he killed two parents. Only when it was already to late he noticed the little baby lying in a baby cradle! So what should he do? It wasn't the nurslings fault that his parents were enemies of the king! All the years assassinating on behalf of the king let the man become pretty ruthless, but ignoring an innocent baby which otherwise was probably left for dead? No!
Through a window of the hut the man recognized a burning fireplace.
"Thank God!" the man thought.
He was already worried because the house looked abandoned at first.
Without further hesitation the man entered the property lying the nursling on the doorstep, where he rested for a second showing the baby to be quiet - then he left him.
The man could already hear the tracker dogs panting. He had to distract these men from the boy, so he ran back on the fields towards the men... and the dogs. It didn't take long until the first dog found him. He bit into the mans upper arm making him hit the ground. Soon the other soldiers found him too.

"So there is no way back now!" the man thought pulling his sword trying best to fight them. But he had no chance - the dogs were biting and pulling at all parts of his body and finally a precise hit of one pursuing soldier ended his life.


The throne room was completely empty. All of Jarvan III's servants were already sleeping but neither could Jarvan III! He had send of one of his subjects to kill two high ranked targets - a simple job but who could have imagined that he would bring that boy with him! That made the mission much more difficult than Jarvan III wanted it to be - and now that subject refused his commands and fled having the boy with him! How should he explain that to his consultants? What if someone finds out that demacian soldiers steal someone's elses children? This will entail many problems!
Jarvan III went up and down unsettled.
Suddenly the doors at the foot of the throne room bursted open and several soldiers entered.
"Hail, the king of Demacia, our glorious protector Jarvan III!" they saluted.
"Did you find him?" Jarvan III immediatly asked but the soldiers just remained silent taking a step to the side uncovering the dead man's body which they carried on a litter.
"He attacked us, we had no chance to-" one of the soldiers wanted to explain but Jarvan raised his hand to show him to remain quiet.
He went down the steps from his throne giving the dead body a closer look.
"And the nursling?" Jarvan wanted to know.
"Excuse me?"
"He had a little baby with him!"
The soldier looked at each other confused.
"He had no baby with him - at least as we caught him!" he explained to Jarvan.
Jarvan cursed balling his fists angrily.
"A noxian baby within my empire is the last thing I require right now!" Jarvan sight.
"Find that baby - and kill it!" Jarvan ordered ruthlessly
The soldiers nodded and left the room.
Jarvan III remained a few moments next to the dead body, then he shook his head disappointed and left. He felt his bones becoming tired. It was already very late so he finally decided to go to bed. He left the throne room and headed up some stairs to the bedchamber. As he arrived he lied on his bed quietly as his wife was already sleeping next to where he lied giving her a good night kiss - The last kiss he ever would give her!

A shadow hissed along the royal plaza which was located in front of the royal palace of Demacia. Covered in the darkness the figure searched for a spot to enter the palace. A virulent lightning finally revealed the figures identity. It was a girl around teenage. Reddish hair, a scar covered her face. Her right shoulder was covered by that one remarkable tatoo which made it easy to make a distiction between a normal citizen and a ruthless murderer, between a person of honor and a person who knows nothing but retribution, between a gentleman and a monster, between a little teenage girl and a lethal assasin. The tatoo showed a black skull in front of two swords crossing each other - the blazon of the noxian scull batallion. Today she will take one's life! One who ordered to kill Beatrix and John Redorian - two innocent noxians who were true heroes! Unarmed and unguilty they were murdered in their sleep and so will the demacian king tonight! John and Beatrix had three sons: the two of them are now being send to an orphanage in Zhaun, which is the worst and most relentless place to grow up and the last one - still a little baby was stolen by this savage demacian assasin! Noxian people may not be angles but they would never deceitfully steal another ones baby! All this unjustice will end right now, the girl told herself.
While her vain attempts to infiltrate the palace she suddenly recognized several soldiers running across the royal plaza towards the entrance of the palace pulling a litter with a corpse behind them.
"God be with us, let's pray the king won't behead us for killing that man!" one soldier said.
"We had no chance, he attacked us and on top he refused the king's commands and commited high treason! Let's just tell the truth to the king when we meet him!"
"Meet the king? PERFECT!" the girl chuckled.
She just seemed to have found a way inside - all she had to do was following these man. Stealthy and soft-footed she managed to sneak up behind these man. The little noxian girl was raised by a thief as her parents died early as well. She spent all her childhood learning how to steal and how to kill.
Due to her perfectionist methods she soon was known throughout Noxus.
In the early years of her life the doubted that her training was of any use but in moments like these - invading the best protected place of the continent she just thanked her fate. When the soldiers entered, she hesitated at first but then went after them. Inside she found herself in a hallway. In front of her there was a huge portal-like door which doubtlessly was the entrance to the throne room.
As the girl got closer she noticed some voices coming from inside the throne room.
"Hail, the king of Demacia, our glorious protector Jarvan III!" she heard one voice saying.
"Did you find him?" another one answered. That must be the king, the girl thought.
She actually wanted to leave again. Her plan was to find the king's bedchambers to hide and wait until the king will go to sleep in order to end his life the same way as he ordered to do with the Redorians!
"And the nursling?"
Her heart made a jump! Are the talking about the Redorian-baby?
This was changing everything! She had to find out more!
"Excuse me?"
"He had a baby with him!"
Now the girl was pressing her ears against the door.
"Find that baby - and kill it!" she suddenly heard the king shout.
Then she heard the soldiers heading back towards the door so she fastly hid behind a door at the left hand side.
"I have to save the baby!" she immediately thought outraged, but she soon calmed again. She had a task and she will do her duty. The room she hid in turned out to be a narrow corridor. Although she never was to Demacia before she exactly knew where she was! Again it had been her fate which played a big role! Several month ago her mentor had given her some construction plans of the royal palace, which he wanted her to learn by heart. He said it was for a job which she has to accomplish later, but that mission never happened. But in the end it was really worth it. Now all she had to do was following the corridor and climbing the stairs at its end and as she finally stood in front of the bedchambers her eyes sparkled of joy. It was when she opened the door ajar as suddenly a female voice from inside appeared.
"Jarvan is that you?"
That gave the girl quiet a turn. She totally forgot the queen must have already been in the bedchamber. But the girl remained professional.
"The king took the life of a man and his wife, so not only will I take the king's but also the queen's life!" she thought pleased. Entering the room the girl held the dazed queen's mouth shut giving her a merciles cut into her stomach. When the queen hit the ground the girl pulled the corpse back onto the bed to make it look like she was sleeping deeply.
Then she hid in a dark corner behind the door. It didn't take long and she percived someone heading up the stairs and opening the doors. From where the girl hid she regognized the outline of an elderly figure: The king! Believing his wife was sleeping already he gave her a kiss on her cheek then he quietly lied next to her on the bed.
Finally the moment arrived. The blood vengance will be fulfilled.
The girl sneaked up next to the king pulling her dagger.
Suddenly the king recognized that unmistakably sound, when he perviced the figure of a little girl standing next to him. He wanted to move... wanted to shout but before he could he felt that cold blade at his throat which let him freeze and mute.
"One peep out of you and I'll let you have the slowest and most painful death I can imagine!" the girl whispered into the king's ear.
"What do you want?" the king finally regained his composure.
The girl sight. All the disgusting things the king let his peasant guards deal with and he is even wondering why somebody's hiding up in his bedchamber desperately waiting to finally watch while he will bleed to death.
"My name..." she girl started explaining patiently . "is Katarina Dolorian!"
The king made a gesture to signalize he had no idea who she is.
"Lately you killed John and Beatrix Redorian, two innocent noxians who wanted nothing but being good parents to their children"
Jarvan grinned sarcastically.
"The Redorians used to be terrorists! Their family had harmed Demacia for ages!" he laughed.
"You shall burn in hell! You dare calling them terrorists although you bastard stole the smallest of their children! So now you have enough means to blackmail Noxus?"
"That little nursling? I didn't order to take him to Demacia neither do I know where he is right now! That assasin escaped with that baby hours ago!" Jarvan hissed.
"Now the guard is dead and neither of us will ever know where he is!" Jarvan laughed hysterically.
"To hell with you, you killed enough people in your pathetic life!" Katarina cursed and pulled back his head ready to finally slash his throat. But suddenly somebody opened the door from outside.
"Mother, Father!" a squeaky voice appeared.
"Dad the storm's so loud I can't sleep-" It was Jarvan III's son, little prince Jarvan IV!
All three froze, Katarina and Jarvan III stared towards the little boy and he stared back. Seconds passed by. Neither of them knew what to do. Katarina couldn't accomplish killing the king while his son's watching. The king poised not knowing wether to shout at his son to leg it or to calm him so that hopefully he will head back to his bed.
He decided the former.
"Junior!" he rasped at his son. "Run...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
What happened next was more a reflex response than on purpose.
Katarina silenced Jarvan III by multiple stabs into his stomach. The little Jarvan IV -being thunderstruck- stayed at the doorstep, his eyes were torn widely open, watching these scenes which will curse him for the rest of his life. Paralyzed from shock he could neither move nor think. Katarina needed a second before she understood what she just did as well. "The boy - she needs to kill the boy as well!" was the only thing she could think about in that moment. Uncertain - as if she had lost control over her body she went towards the boy - raising her dagger slowly ready to strike down the boy. In that moment little Jarvan IV's shock left his bones allowing but one thought: RUN! Before Katarina, who still walked towards him like a zombie, was able to reach him he took the chance and ran as fast as his little feet could carry him. In that moment also Katarina's paralysis left her body running after Jarvan IV instinctly.
The little boy cried and screamed while running down the corridor.
Katarina was very fast! Soon she nearly caught up with the boy. She wanted to jump onto him. She already prepared herself to commit another murder when all of a sudden -right infront of her- somebody teared open a door making her bump into it with a hearthbreaking smacker. Dazzed with a gapping cut on her forehead Katarina stumbled back hitting the ground hardly.
"My prince why are you making such a noise?!" a pyknic-looking man asked. He hadn't spotted Katarina yet.
"Sh...she-she.....!" the little Jarvan cried.
"What? Who? What are you talking about?" the man wondered. The little boy pointed to where Katarina still sat recovering from that hit. The man turned around surprised - spotted Katarina and immediately recognized her tatoo!
"NOOOOXXXXIIIAAAAANNNNNSSSS!" he shouted not wasting a second.
Everything Katarina percived was blurred but she knew that she had to flee. Flee as fast as possible.
Suddenly the man grapped her hairs pulling her up but she hit his balls making him slump and release her immediately. Katarina didn't ask for another chance and escaped as fast as she could! She broke through a window and landed on a roof, which she ran along until she jumped on the next one! She couldn't see normal anymore and slowly noticed that she lost a lot of blood due to her injury on her forhead. But she forced herself to go on! After some minutes she found herself right in front of the city wall. Relieved she jumped down the rooftops and headed to one of the exits when suddenly she noticed a group of demacian soldiers - the same ones which were with the king earlier. Hiding behind a wall she watched them.
"Captain!" the group saluted before one soldier!
"We have found only one suckling in a farmhouse around the area!"
Katarina immediately remembered. The Redorian-baby! They must be talking about him!
"Nice job!" the Captain answered. "Where is he right now?"
"He's with us!" one soldier held a squalling baby in his hand.
"Fine! Now kill it!" the Captain ordered cruelly.
Her heart made a jump! She couldn't let that happen.
"Kill it? But - it's just a baby, we don't even have enough evidence that -" one soldier with the baby in his hands uttered outraged.
"You deny my orders?" the Captain threatened pulling the baby out of the soldiers hands. "Fine! I'll do it myself!" He pulled a dagger and in that second Katarina jumped out of her cover.
"NOOOO!" she cried. But it was to late! She stabbed the soldiers one by one but only found the baby neither moving nor breathing. Blood colored the towel which covered its body in reddish colors.
"No..." powerless Katarina sunk on the ground. "No....no ........no!" she failed!
Tears ran down her cheek. She desperately sobbed. How should she explain all that mess she caused? Suddenly the silence surrounding her was interrupted by an ear-splitting noise! All over Demacia the church bells begun pealing. They must have found the king's and queen's corpses. That was the signal for Katarina to leave straight away. At first she wanted to take the babys body with her but in the end felt disgusted by the thought of carrying that corpse with her all the time. So she ran off all alone.
"What should I tell them?" she thought. "I managed to kill the demacian king but was unable to save a baby!" she sobbed once again.

[To be continued]


BREAKING NEWS: Riot Game Being Sued


Personal #1s: Vance Joy - Riptide //FlicFlac Edition

I used to be a dreamer.
A dreamer with an obsession for screenwriting.
I‘ve started screenwriting about 10 years ago, but it was just loose and I was lacking of ideas - until the day when I started playing League of Legends

Back at that time, LoL was offering nothing more than approaches to an interesting universe...Demacia, a monarchy of indulgent people, Noxus being the exact opposite and the never-ending war between those two.

Finally I had found a basis for my screenwriting! The following 5 years I spend my time researching for anything about the LoL-universe, writing first scripts and if anything rarely actually playing the game.

The year 2013 was a significant year for me. I‘ve ended my first script, which was not more than a scheme, hence it had not more than 50 pages, but then I‘ve heard the debut of the song "Riptide" by Vance Joy in the radio.
That song, which later on was planned by me to become my intro song , had that, for me, iconic, line in it:

“There’s this movie, that I think you’ll like.”

At that time I misheard the lyrics and thought the line would go like: "Is this movie, there, I think your life." and I basically freaked out because I actually was planning to make a film of my script and so those misheard lyrics perfectly related to my real life goals.

However I soon realized that screenwriting isn‘t as easy as I thought it was, so after more than 3 years and about a 100 pages of raw material I eventually let go off my childish dream.

What was left are stories of a demacian king who became insane and brutal after he witnessed his parent being murdered by an noxian assasin called Katarina Dolorian,
stories of a young demacian lumberjack whos parents refuse informations about his true identity,
stories of two noxian twins who were orphaned because a mad demacian king send out an assasin to kill their parents.... all that piled up into 100 pages of script.

Although I let go off my dream, that song is still a nice reminder of the good old times, when I stayed up at night until the sun was starting to raise again.
Hope you like it as well.


P.S. The image at the top is a one of the first artworks of Piltover.
I found it in the year 2011 somewhere on DeviantArt, I think.

Although this artwork has nothing to do with the recently released official artwork of Piltover, I’ve always loved it. It perfectly pictures Piktover as a progressive city that yet hasn’t lost sense of beauty!


LoL: Odyssey 5 Tips

using your warp is like a x3 flash, it makes you invincible for a split second and can help you get away from Kayn or other enemy’s if you’re about to die

the cooldown for it is very long, if your teammate is down for 20 or 10 seconds don’t bother and just wait for when the timer is 30+

me and my friends did this method and we had a extra life to fight Kayn in the end, (we didn’t need it but it’s always good to have)

Malphite: His ult is good for making a lot of enemies go to one corner And you can kill a mass of the enemies in that corner, it helps get exp faster & if you’re on Kayn he can push Kayn out of some of his abilities, sometimes it works though and sometimes it doesn’t.

Yasuo: If he has the augment that lets the tornados do extra damage, & makes the tornados follow him it’s easier to wipe out a lot of the monsters surrounding your team. Especially if malphite ults them all to a corner

Add on option Sona : having a sona with Cascade, Rhythm, Benediction, Hyped (for a 5th one you can go ahead and do concerto or cascade!) it helps a lot since she can cleanse and heal more the 1 person and can pretty much spam heal more then usual.

Tip 5: have a full team (if you can)
Having a full team is usually a higher chance for success
Or you can risk it with a few random people but remember there is a lot of new people recently because of the events recruitment link and missions.
So if you don’t wanna babysit try to have a full queue !

This is my experience with the event so far And honestly with randos onslaught was too difficult since they didn’t know what to do and kept dying so we ended up HAVING to have a full queue! Whoever their buddy is should really help them ;-;

Having a beautiful magical wonderful day!

~ Gothendel ⭐️

Note: I’m not sure if this would be general or guide but I think it would be general


Ranked Changes Coming In 2019


Sweet and Simple Guide: How and Why Split Pushing Will Help You Climb

This guide is going to teach YOU how to properly and safely win games the more tactical and efficient way.

When you split push you are basically creating "Map Pressure", that forces the enemy to respond to your actions because if they don't it allows you to get free objectives, but keep in mind they won't be happy. I'm the beginning you will die, a lot, but hey— that's all apart of learning.

In this guide I will explain the easiest way and okayist builds for split pushing for every role. There is 2 main types of split pushing and different meta builds for getting the job done right way. I've even added a couple of helpful tips that'll make it so you can help inch your team to victory, you're welcome.

How to split efficiently

Ward. Just ward. Buy a sweeper lense, a control ward, pop the lense, walk into the enemy jungle and clear their wards and drop your own. With that vision you can see who's trying to stop you, if it's one person, you can fight. However, if yoy get two or three people trying to stop you that's even better. When you get two or three people running in your lane to stop you, your team can take control of the other side of the map. So use your pings to tell your team where the enemy is, so they can try to grab a dragon, rift herald or even a Baron.

Sometimes (especially if you're a top laner like Garen, Jax, Yorick or Nasus) you could be the reason why the enemy's base is open. And when the enemy has an open base there are so many ways you can bait the enemy to respond on one side of the map while you're in their base taking their nexus. You can get your team to fake taking Baron or Elder Drake and while they're fighting, you can be on the enemy nexus, winning.

First type of split pushing: Tower slapping.

This form of split pushing is for the melee champions like tanks and bruisers. If your champion builds a Trinity force or Ice born Gauntlet, the you'll do planty of damage to towers. Items that help you put the beat down on towers is Rageblade and Titanic Hydra (it let's you get a free auto attack reset on tower). Talking about hydras, let's talk about Tiamat as that is a melee champ's best friend for easy wave clear, with the standard tiamat or Ravenous Hydra you can spam the active for easy AOE damage. However, Titanic Hydra is where it's at for split pushing as the active can actually one-shot caster minions.

Second type of split pushing: Minion wave stacking.

If you're playing a champion like a mage of a Marksman before their 2 item power spike, this is a great way to deal good damage to towers while simultaneously denying the enemy gold. What you do is that you last hit the enemy minions when they only have a sliver of health left, don't use any abilities, just last hit and be patient. What this does is that it makes it so your minions spend more time in the lane then under the tower, and you can gather up to 3 minion waves and push it under the enemy tower so they all focus on it. Once this huge stack of minions are under the enemy tower, spam abilities to kill the enemy wave so it doesn't kill your minions. Each minion does between 10-25 a hit, multiply that by 17-19 the tower will fall in minutes.

Best items for split pushing.

I will name an item build that will make it easy for you to shred minions and/or towers.
Top Lane:
-Tanks (Sion, Cho'gath, Ornn ect..): The combination of Sunfire Cape and Abyssal Mask will give you more than enough burn damage to kill minions. Warmogs is great for tanks because when you stack nothing but resistances being able to regen your health back to full is a royal pain for the enemies to deal with (spam cntr4 as they try to kill you). Last but not least, ZZ'rot, to release the beasts.

-Juggernauts (Garen, Nasus, Yorick ect...) If you haven't been sleeping under a rock for the past few patches, you'd know that Trinity force and Sterakk's Gage is essential for most Juggernauts. So for your last item I'd suggest a Titanic Hydra for wave clear or a Dead man's Plate for faster roams.

-Bruisers (Fiora, Jax, Irelia): You already buy Triforce, so I would just opt out for Titanic Hydra for the extra active damage as it basically allows you to one shot the backline minions. Finally get a Guardian angel or a some form of sustain that makes you annoying to deal with like a Blood Thirster for Fiora or a Gunblade/Sterakk's for Jax.

-Mages (Anivia, Lux, Vel'koz ect...): Items like Luden' Echo and Liandry's Torment makes a great impact for quickly killing minions, spam your abilities and shove enough minions under that tower and you'll get tower gold in no time.

AD assassins (Zed, Talon, Jayce): You do know armor pen works on turrets, right? Well now you do.

AP assassins (Fizz, Fizz and Kassasdin, also Fizz):
Lich bane does deal incredible damage to towers, especially if you're Fizz or Kassadin and have a fully stacked Mejia's because that just happens naturally on Fizz or Kassadin.

Bot lane
Marksman (ADCs, you know): Runaan's Hurricane OR, not both, or Statikk Shiv will allow you to shred minion waves, and marksman will always do hit towers hard mid to late game, so just focus on right clicking minions waves, clear them out and go for gates.

Supports (Thresh, Soraka, Fizz... Wait...): If you have Redemption, you have wave clear.

Junglers (idk, Fizz...): If you want to split push, the best item for it is the Eye of the Herald, you'll never guess how you get it, but you totally should.

If you read through this whole guide, feel free to ask questions. I'm always down to sometimes read and ignore comments (jk).