Azulwulfe Azulwulfe LV.2 Nightmare
Nov 3, 2019, 08:58 AM 360 read

A new Stranger

Hi, I am Azulwulfe noone knows me of course the reason for that is because I am a noone. I am a gamer of course but not very social media friendly and only just came out and I decided to give it a try a couple weeks ago. I am very unknown and don't really use communication I am a very killed FPS and TPS gamer but I doubt I am the best since there are some extraordinary players. I do love borderlands and I have since I was just a little kid and even though I don't go online I do have a ps4 account and I just don't play online, because I don't want to i'm a Lore Hunter and very good at what I do. I am very quiet which is a good use in my persona and I am not much of a teamplayer even though that's the best way to win. I am a solo player who is very tactical and can take down squads like it's nothing but I do get ripped to shreds to since i'm just a solo. I am very competitive and I do love to have a friendly match when i'm up for it Azulwulfe out.

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