SaltedJello SaltedJello LV.18 JUST SEND IT
Nov 1, 2019, 09:26 AM 63 read

So borderlands 3 is my first borderlands game...

I haven't played any of the previous games yet and I'm trying to get into it, but it's a bit difficult since I need to learn new mechanics and stuff like that. I was just wondering if you guys had any tips for new players like myself that are just starting?

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  • REd Leuenberger LV.20 Elite Four Nov 2, 2019, 03:35 PM

    choose a siren they are usually op in these games an deal a ton of elemental damage an are great for beginners

  • SaltedJello LV.18 JUST SEND IT Nov 3, 2019, 08:59 AM

    Ah, I picked the beastmaster as my first one, but I'll be sure to try out a siren I'm the future!

  • Ongakugaming LV.7 Nomad Nov 3, 2019, 08:50 AM

    shoot a lot, swap out guns often, sell stuff you. don't want, pick up everything and keep selling (going to need a lot of money in this one for. upgrades.

    use your skill points to make things easier... I like to use a few and work off a weak build to make things harder, don't do that.

    everything else I think he game tells you... make sure to do side missions to level up, they are also all awesome, and the team did a lot of work on this game, so don't pass them up...

    my thoughts

  • SaltedJello LV.18 JUST SEND IT Nov 3, 2019, 09:02 AM

    I appreciate the tips, I will make sure I keep all of this in mind when going in for the first time👌🙃