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How to borderlands 001

As your borderlands 3 expert i’d like to share with you the basics of borderlands! 1. picking a character pick whoever you feel like you would have the most fun with or....pick fl4k- best for people new to fps genre and over all a good time with easy skill mapping(stick to green and red trees)

(someones jealous about their dps) xD 2. guns, shields, grenades are the 1st 3 major items you pick up starting the 1st 20min of the game and as you progress you will see white(common), green (uncommon), blue(rare), purple(epic), or even yellow(legendary) essentially not all loot is created equal and even if it’s has a higher rarity it can be worse based on the loot score the higher the score the”better” the loot

3.leveling up: as you level you get skill points to utilize in order to activate action skill points or your “special” attack your special attack is typically the basis for the build of your character but as you get to higher levels class mods and relics influence this and can change your loadout and even you skills depending on enemy archetypes.

4. more importantly just have fun. stay on cooperative mode and be generous with your loot and try trading with homies that ya meet online. even with no mics for miles, i have had nothing but good experiences as it’s easy to bond over destroying mobs of enemies together!

hmu if this was helpful! hope you enjoy the game and for all those on ps4 im cgincubus, and as always like sub obey. 🖤😈

newest highlight vid coming this evening stay tuned ✌️🤟

beware the trolls. you know who you are 👌🏻

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