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nearly 10/10 patch notes for 10/10/2019

honestly nothing bad to report... top 5 for us would be... • scopes reduced: cuz enemies dont render in a mile away thanks “monocle”(legendary jakobs sniper)... •agonizer 9000 is more likely to drop rare loot now, lack of loot was due to a bug

Borderlands: General - nearly 10/10 patch notes for 10/10/2019 image 4

• the fact that gearbox is trying to bolster other classes/ builds to make them just as favorable as the op ones. tbh they have’t proved their point on this one yet but we’re patient and can wait yo se what’s to come. •legendaries(specifically weapons) are getting the buffs that they deserve cuz they were good. now they are a bit more competitive in the right hands, which is greatly appreciated tbh. •overall gearbox/2k wants to fix issues and i absolutely appreciate that. they are working so damn hard to give us our monies worth and it shows! On behalf of the cult we thank those men and women who dedicate their lives to borderlands and making us smile when we blow shit up and scream “burn all the babies!” we are standing at full attention “if you catch my drift” *cringe post about gripes and grievances in the works, i keep postponing it cuz they actually keep fixing the game so it might not even come to fruition. i mean the game is coming together but my post for complaints probably wont. pshh even with complaints borderlands 3 is 10/10 just like today 10/10 show your significant other some love, makem feel 10/10 ja feel? currently working on sub reddit page/ patreon/ and twitch so yall can get all de info/goodies/a chance at killing me in game with your very own badass!!! toodles! and as always like sub obey🖤😈 want more content? theory? or even debauchery? 👌🏻


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