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Dr. Disrespect gun. Bl3

Borderlands: General - Dr. Disrespect gun. Bl3  image 1

Location: pandora twitchcon bathroom. lmao real talk ya find it at roland’s rest in devil’s razor. check the nearby bounty board after you complete the game or around lvl 30 and it should be available as the sid quest echonet neutrality. by being a unique it has the best hyperion has to offer no sights and high fire rate cuz it shoots like a normal jakobs gun, “as fast as you can pull the trigger” baby! hell ya. i love how it even melts in true vault hunter mayhem 3. but would probably be best on an electric syren build as that’s the guns staple. for more farming from your favorite cult check out our youtube and catch us on stream most nights between 6pm - midnight or wait for the upload the next day c:

how bout memes that will have you piss your panties.

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