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“Damn it Janet I love you” tbh love this gun way more. 😻

Borderlands: General - “Damn it Janet I love you” tbh love this gun way more. 😻 image 1

*speaks alabama* Got’Damn that sure is a good rifle ya got their yessiree. what a genuine genius i’d say myself. absolutely shreds with crit build and moze ar skills to give fire damage on top of having a shield that collects ammo into the mag once damaged. umm hell ya! boasting high fire rate and decent mag size and above average damage i will take this over most ar’s. I’m looking at you dahl! 😾 smh. anyways this rifle will get the job done with it’s respective element of course and it absolutely melts mayhem 3 enemies with armor. i would like to see a radioactive ☢️ or even an annoited with bonus elemental status. that would wreck. #bl3lootporn you wanna laugh i know it, you know it your depression knows it. so do us a favor and get some memes in your life.

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