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shocking news!

Borderlands: General - shocking news!  image 1

Next to the bee shield in bl2 this badass decepticon is perfect for the aggro in you. best paired with (redacted) it can instantly recharge your shield and you can keep that mighty morphin pain train rollin! *transformer sounds. yeet. tbh by utilizing impact shock nades to shock launchers or even tediore shock weapons you can tank through just about any gunfight, especially mayhem 3 tvhm as moze! also looking at what enemies are attacking you with is crucial to helping you survive even longer. for instance going up against “maliwan dickheads” you be able to use their traps against them and with the battle with a killer backhand that is the transformer. im cgincubus feom ps4 and thank you for attending my ted talk. <3 hmu with your suggestions on loot ya want show cased and displayed next. and as always like sub obey! 🖤😈 you need the memes.

you need the content xD


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