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Best shotgun that runs off AR ammmo in Bl3. Found -Graveward

Borderlands: General - Best shotgun that runs off AR ammmo in Bl3. Found -Graveward image 1

This baller right here is super fun n for the crit build just melting 1-2 shoting most mobs. Badasses not a weapon i’d choose but still fun to have a ton of ammo for this bad boy running off of a r ammo the fun never ends! Comes in all sorts of damage types too. Unfortunately it does not have a 2nd underbarrel attachment, but that would be so lit to where that was the reload. as if switching the barrels reloaded the weapon!!! damn just another Cult wetdream i guess. anyways we are heading into month 2 post launch and i am just so stoked for the 1st dlc cuz lets be honest here. all we been doing is farmin baby and it aint gonna stop anytime soon so give me more i say! more bosses to loot repeatedly until i fall asleep with the controller in my hands! I love Borderlands <3 and i’d love you guys if ya give me some “sub love”- finalharps aka herpes 🔥 #bl3lootporn thefblink--pAYw -

funny me mes? ✅ httpsturnupsidedown://m.fa👌🏻

yeet and as always like, sub obey🖤👽 area 69 is real and it’s here. actually in the you tube link.

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