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Sep 30, 2019, 12:04 PM 66 read

Some ways to get leveled up quicker and how to get a bit good loot!

Hi everyone it is me TTV_SuperSabrina355 here with my first post in a long while! This post is about how to level up quickly in Borderlands 3! How to get leveled up quicker: The first way on how to level up quickly in Borderlands 3 is by having the mode on Cooperative (The person that is running the party has to make sure not to be further in the story than the people that joins.) The second way on how to level up quickly is by playing the circle of slauter and survive so many rounds for XP. Can be played with randoms or with your friends :) EX: If I was level 20 before circle of slaughter and went and survived as long as i could then I would level up (currently on level 21 because of this tatic until my game crashed on my xbox while playing with 1 random and with 1 friend). This is the best way to also get awesome loot you might like! ALL LOOT IS RANDOMIZED! How to get good loot (that might be OP at times) The first way to get good loot that might be OP at times is by simply playing the story mode/side quests. Bring a friend along to make the killing easier for you and completing quedts a breeze :) The second way is by the circle of slaughter (as I said above) Best done with 4 people with the cooperative setting on so no one steals your awesome loot you found. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DONT WANT ANY OF THE RANDOMIZED LOOT THEN YOU CAN SELL IT FOR CASH! I am still finding out different ways to get good loot and XP to level up atm. Another post might come soon :)

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