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How to report bugs in border lands 3.

Step one: Be patient. Cry a bit and eat a whole tub of Ice cream. ooops weong post. umm ACTUAL STEP ONE: go here!

Step 2ish: Click Borderlands 3, then hit submit a request under the title. Definitely step 3: fill that shit out accurately and respectfully, not many games have bugfixes like this were they will get back to you and follow up like this.

Borderlands: General - How to report bugs in border lands 3. image 4

step 4: fill out the captcha and prove your worthiness that you are indeed not a sentient robot and that you are truly mounds of flesh. c: Hope yall enjoyed. as always like, sub obey. 😈🖤 laughing at memes be like:

iluminati content be like:

yeet. #bl3 #bl3howto #2k #gearbox

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