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Greetings Vault Hunters! Our double Borderlands 3 Event is over and we’re ready to announce the winners. First, we’d like to thank each of you for participating. It has been fantastic to see so many people using Moot to find Borderlands 3 groups, plus we’ve enjoyed seeing all your sweet gear in the Awesome Loot board!   **WINNERS! WE WILL CONTACT YOU THROUGH DIRECT MESSAGES HERE ON MOOT TODAY. CHECK YOUR MESSAGES!**   FIRST, the 10 winners for the LFG event! Each of these users has won a $50 US Amazon Gift Card. Congratulations!   - TrillCrosby - wonder bucks - GamingBandit - Hayden_ - rockonmatt - alphasquirrel08 - Killuacactus55 - Xxpancake51Xx - ThatOne_Purple - JuicyBanana   SECOND, the 10 winners for the Awesome Loot event! Each of these users has also won a $50 US Amazon Gift Card.   - banana_kris - Whiteshado36 - sSloth999 - Datoughguy - Burned Marshmello. - Bugerking Wifi420 - Demongrel - Kills - Christian Dixon - Classic Wavy   Thank you again to everyone who participated! If you did not win, don’t be discouraged! We just might have another cool event for Borderlands fans coming up soon. (please don’t tell my boss I told you)

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  • Hayden_ LV.7 Nomad Oct 7, 2019, 06:24 AM

    Can I please still claim it