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A Quick Guide To Elemental Properties

Borderlands: General - A Quick Guide To Elemental Properties image 1

As you get your hands on more weapons, you'll start to notice various elemental properties attached to them: Shock, Corrosive, Radiation, Incendiary, and Cryo. Each is effective in their ways and can even help you better take out specific enemy types. Below you can find a quick breakdown of the different elemental properties:   ***Shock: Slowly drains enemy health. It's incredibly effective against enemies with shields--particularly Maliwan Troopers.   ***Corrosive: Quickly whittles away armored enemies and inflicts additional damage over time.   ****Radiation (Replaces Slag): Inflicts an aura of damage around the enemy that explodes upon death. It's handy against groups of enemies.   ****Incendiary: Inflicts damage over time. It's incredibly effective against enemies without shields--particularly bandits and animals.   ***Cryo: Useful for dealing with enemies that have high mobility--which are mostly in the late game--but there are some Maliwan soldiers with superspeed early on. Shielded targets are slightly immune to Cyro, but aren't affected by armor. Likewise, you take less damage from cryo weapons while your shield is up.    

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    This was super helpful, I am trying to figure out the game and how to play it better each day so this is super helpful

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    Torgue would be upset, as you forgot one of the important ones "Explosive"