Cult Grey Cult Grey LV.23 Insomniac
Sep 18, 2019, 01:56 PM 2,116 read

Someone had to say it.

Yo i f***ing love this game but damn after racking up almost two days of playtime I’m only sick of, “You want to hear a story?” No Crazy uncle samurai marcus wanna be kill bill antagonist looking bitch. sorry im just mad cuz my homie lost all his lvl 50 gear in his safe and my operator who is lvl 44 only has 4 skill points to utilize....kms *Digitizes* doesnt respawn *unist.... WAIT hold up So yeah there are some major issues week one but thats ok cuz im still gonna play the f*** outa this beautiful monstrosity that we call mayhem. playing true vault hunter with mayhem is even an extra challenge for only the best loot, especially the tink farm on eden 6. the squad (4) got 22 legendaries between all of us on our 1st attempt! so i take the loss of a character as grain of salt and just on to the next lol so im gonna play fl4k and am just going to perfect the one shot boss kill.

yeet! #bl3 #bl3memes #memes

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