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Sep 16, 2019, 11:56 PM 231 read

Shift Codes!!!

Borderlands: General - Shift Codes!!! image 1

Hey it’s your boi Incubus from Cult Grey stepping away from siege to deliver true content, memes and fuckery in the best possible way. why of course! with borderlands 3 finally here and all of us dragging our sleep deprived selves to work and to school this week thought i’d start yall off with a pick me up to help your shitty day get a boost ya know. cuz im selfless like that nah jk follow the cult. like. subscribe. obey. ;) toodles. #bl3 #shiftcodes like memes? duh i’m playing the best meme ever. great then you’ll love our fb page.

wanna see dumbasses play borderlands fore when you get grounded or your stuck at work and hate your life? sweet.

here ya go!

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