Does anyone play on ps4 and have a lvl 40 infinity pistol they wouldn't mind duplicating with me

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Anyone known some great XP farms?

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Who is excited for Borderlands 3!

If you are going to get it or have already pre ordered, which character are you going to play and why?

I forgot his name, but im going to play as the vault hunter who can call his skag in cause I feel thier will be abilities the oet skag can use that will be similar to skagzilla and that would be pretty awesome.

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check this site out

I found a website with cut bl2 audio

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Max Level Grind

Looking for some help with anybody who's willing to level me up to Max level in borderlands 1 for the playstation 4. I am level 59 right now. Willing to farm crawmerax or anything to get to max. Any op/nodded weapons would be welcome too. Eventually I have to do moxxis harder waves and I'm not looking forward to doing 300 of them.

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Watch SMACKERxxv with me on Twitch!

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Only Borderlands

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Tubby spawns

So yesterday i was running through the DLCs in ultimate vault hunter mode and while in haunted hallow (i think thats the name) i found 2 tubby spiderants in a span of 5 minutes. Is this a good place to farm them or was i just lucky? If so whats a good spot to farm them?



After HOURS of grinding the invincible sentinel, I FINALLY got SOMETHING Good...

And by that I mean a legendary head

For my class

That has a badass name

That I already have

And am wearing

God heccing dangit

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Borderlands 3 Opinions :)

Personally I’m hyped I doubt it’ll be a flop so far every borderlands game was amazing and was so much fun. What do you think?

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Borderlands remasterd

Does anyone have modded gear the dont mind giving me on borderlands remastered ps4 edition


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I feel the pain

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Can bee shield from bl2 have a pangolin battery?

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Anyone out there who already preordered borderlands 3 deluxe edition

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Borderlands 3

I can't wait to grind it and learn a new game

LV.7 Switch 6d

Need an insta or power lvl on pre sequel, Xbox, GT:Ailen123 hmu

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{PS4/HELP/Borderlands 2} Trying To Boost My Character

As the title says trying to find someone to help me boost my character to level 72 only one character. If anyone can please comment or message me. Thank you.

LV.3 Looking for teammates! 6d

100% Completion Side Quests and story

Looking for players to 100% complete all quests MUST have mic and at least level 46. I’m a level 48 Mordecai looking for players other than the character I’m playing as. If interested DM me and I will invite. Looking for 3 more vault hunters👌

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Can anyone boost me to level 72?

My psn is How_To_Shrek

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Power Lv

Anyone that can help me power Level ps4

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Anyone playing bl2 on ps4

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Borderlands Streams

I stream on Dlive. If you are bored it would be rad if you came through. I play BL2 and The Pre Sequel.


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Instant Level Up

Anyone doing InStant Level up

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Can anyone dupe a 72 Love Thumper for me?

I will gladly duplicate anything in my inventory that interests you if you do.

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Bl2 gameshare plzzzz (Xbox 1)

Would anyone be willing to game share borderlands 2 with me plz😭😭

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Borderlands 2

Im level 57 needing to level up and are there any modders will to give me modded weapons on xbox 360 or xbox 1 if so add me OutlawStone7

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Best way to level up fast in Borderlands 2? PS4

I’m level 32 and I really want to just level up fast and get some nice weapons/mods etc.

LV.19 OPFOR 9d

Replaying BL2 on PC

Just wondering who would be down to play BL2 from the beginning? Let me know peeps!!!

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Bl2 group? (PS4 only)

So I'm replying borderlands 2 and I wanted to know if anyone is interested in joining. I'm a level 20 krieg and my gamer tag is Tha_Hitman7 so Hmu or add me if your interested in playing

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Favorite Manufacturer

Hey everyone! I was always curious as to which manufacturer people liked the post! And there's no easy poll feature so just comment down below your favorite gun, shield, grenade, anything manufacturer! (Mine is Hyperion)

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