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Add me up miles.tart1

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Need players

Looking for a squad or a couple of players to play with on the daily!!! Xbox:Gamertag is PteMorningWood

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Newcommer to borderlands

If you want to spam farm bosses just stay in the boss area and quit to menu and go back in to the game

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I got so stuck until I watched this guide. Yes I know I am a noob but this guide was so aweso go sub

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Right place, right time

was playing with my friend and happened to be at the perfect spot when he first boarded sanctuary

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Every gamers dream

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Would anyone be interested in TXO Gaming Community? (Xbox/16+)

TXO is a place where all gamers go to play with each other
Any time zone can join
We are a very active community with over 1000+ members.
Message me to get a invite
You need over 1000+GS to join
Xbox name: TXO Fusi0n
If anyone have any questions feel free to message me

LV.9 Best Squadmate 1d

Come play with me. Going live on twitch going through the main story with Moze then going to to TVHM

PSN FinalHarps

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Hmu i need borderlands friends with mic

Need friends add me send me a message

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This guy is a true man

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Alcon de fuego

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I have a max account

I maxed out on the game amd could help low levels or give some money

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How to borderlands 001

As your borderlands 3 expert i’d like to share with you the basics of borderlands!

1. picking a character pick whoever you feel like you would have the most fun with or....pick

fl4k- best for people new to fps genre and over all a good time with easy skill mapping(stick to green and red trees)

(someones jealous about their dps) xD

2. guns, shields, grenades are the 1st 3 major items you pick up starting the 1st 20min of the game and as you progress you will see white(common), green (uncommon), blue(rare), purple(epic), or even yellow(legendary)
essentially not all loot is created equal and even if it’s has a higher rarity it can be worse based on the loot score the higher the score the”better” the loot

3.leveling up:
as you level you get skill points to utilize in order to activate action skill points or your “special” attack

your special attack is typically the basis for the build of your character but as you get to higher levels class mods and relics influence this and can change your loadout and even you skills depending on enemy archetypes.

4. more importantly just have fun. stay on cooperative mode and be generous with your loot and try trading with homies that ya meet online. even with no mics for miles, i have had nothing but good experiences as it’s easy to bond over destroying mobs of enemies together!

hmu if this was helpful! hope you enjoy the game and for all those on ps4 im cgincubus, and as always like sub obey. 🖤😈

newest highlight vid coming this evening stay tuned

beware the trolls. you know who you are 👌🏻

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Newer Player

Hey All, I’m new to the Borderlands lifestyle and I’m running the Gunner class, and wondering which combination of skills/ route down the skill tree is the best to chose, there are so many different combinations I’m not sure which ones make any sense to make and over powered gunner. Just looking for some tips, thanks 😊😇

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Borderlands 3

Who wants to play some borderlands 3

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New player (need tips)

Hey i just got this game and i don't know how to play and need tips :3 what am i supposed to do in this game

LV.13 I'm a Bot 3d


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Legendary Relic Stacking Bug

My Legendary Relic is bugging out and the aura keeps stacking over and over again

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Become an Acolyte today!

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By becoming and Acolyte on our patreon page Incubus will farm 1 weapon a week for you for two weeks in borderlands 3. the weapons will be 49 or 50 leveled and element types may vary.

The podcast will be accessible by late November. which will have borderlands theory, story, loot, and so much more.

stay tuned!

like sub and obey🖤😈

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Willing to trade for a fire lyuda.

Need fire lyuda lv50 preferred with 1 shot and x2

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Hey would you be interested in joining Xiled Gaming Network. We are a family of gamers that spands all the major platforms (xbox, psn, pc) across a multitude of games. And with countless number of possibilities for you to grow as a gamer either with comp or with content. And with a rank structure that is voluntary to move up it gives opportunities to grow as a leader. Not to mention we are sponsored by scuf, Gfuel, kontrol freaks.

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I was gonna complain about gearbox Nerfing him but he's perfect. See you guys for show me the eridian!

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Streaming live! level 0-50 Moze the gunner 6pm PST till completed!

I am for real.
Watch and see👻🖤

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Bl3 theory.

Today I wanted to go over with yall some thoughts of stuff we would all like to see in future updates of borderlands 3 and have an open forum! But i would really like to hear from you guys as we have a ton of lurkers here in the borderlands 3 lounge, and we all have great ideas to being to the table. so please comment like and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from ya c:

•Nemesis mechanic:

I would love to see the nemesis mechanic from shadow of Mordor in bl3 to bring more depth to a lack luster story.

Mechanic explained....

nemesis literally means: agent of someones downfall

so in the shadow of mordor game when you die by even the lowest of mob enemies they rank up in all forms;

physical(appearance): if you wounded them previously and they had survived the encounter with you/ fled they’d have scars, missing limbs, eye patches(yes plural) and even a bad attitude for being called a coward by by their fellow ranks.

this would bring an extraordinary amount of depth which i truly feel is missing from the borderlands franchise at the moment. and please. don’t get it twisted. I love this game. It is a 10/10 hands down.🤘
That being said in my expert opinion the story was poorly written. I believe the nemesis system would assist and bolster the games longevity to make even the most boring of cutscenes and pointless dialogue worth it. #bl3skipbuttonforcutscenes ....

As there are so many ways this could be implementedI we will start with simple concepts to complex.

(Note there are certainly over 1000 ways they could spin this, these thoughts as well as this post are purely rhetorical and are to inspire future game creators as well as gearbox and 2k)

easy mode: Just simply have any enemy, except main bosses, that if they happen to kill you or you don’t kill them in a raid/ mission/ area that they spawn in, have the potential to lvl up in addition to regain health. Yea this would make it harder, but i would add this to mayhem setting in order to make endgame better and more challenging, even more REWARDING it would add to the overall experience even IMMERSION would improve. the random buffs can be changed with a simple quit and so you could so the same to get favorable buffs/debuffs as well for the newly toughened or weakened enemy from the new nemesis mechanic.

mid tier: to add onto the 1st i’d have the homies at gearbox throw in more dialogue as well as post taunt introduction and if you happen to encounter the poor bastard that bested you, you’d get another intro card with random flavor text to show’em off especially if it just so happens to make dun of your previous demise/encounter adding the much needed comedic relief within this poorly dialogued game.

Full send: Yes! last one(for now)

the last part i would add could brake the game, but who cares! (as stated above this is just theory and fun inspiration)

to continue, just like the shadow of Mordor(s.o.m.) their could be an enemy ranking system in which ty and rat face are at the top annoited generals next, then generals and badasses after that, and named enemies as low tier underbosses. so how this dynamic comes together is if someone dies off from this list in anyway(which there are many) can move up the ranks .and to stay true to lore there are lots of clans of banditsand there still might be a blood feud to settle and in order to do so they might challenge each other after your untimely death of course just as it is in s.o.m.
other ways of which require enemies to progress through ranks involve story missions. for instance **spoiler**

billy the anointed in eden 6 gets eliminated another badass or general or named enemy closest to that of the deceased position would then get the spot or be challenged for the spot by another of the same rank.

i know this is a s***load to digest🤢

but i find it crucial to get the very most potential out of games because i’m over the top passionate about borderlands and what it stands for or lack there of xD

if something didn’t make sense or you need clarification or even have your own great ideas please share like and sub our content as we are always brainstorming l, always listening and trying to get the most out life and our games.

I can imagine by this point yall and Napoleon here have the same face “wtf” or “no way, bad ass” lemme know below xD




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insta: Cult Grey


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Go check out my stream let’s try to get to 100 views

Check out Test

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highlight real from today's steam.


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I love borderlands



Anyone want to grind for some lengendary class mods with me invite redrick781811

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Ask me anything! While i farm tonight. Twitch: Cult Grey

yeetus thy feetus. or don’t, to each their own

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