Haha true that

LV.9 Steve 2h

I can boost just need ps plus

LV.2 Lurker 4h

Apex and borderlands

LV.4 Lurker 15h

Waiting for #borderlands 3 like!

Wub wub hurry the F#u* up please!!!

LV.2 Lurker 18h

Hello I am bad at borderlands 2 can someone please please help unlock the seraph shops

LV.5 Dragon 19h

Need someone to help me grind borderlands 2 out before 3 is released

LV.2 Lurker 2d

Gotta get that vibrator yo

LV.9 Steve 3d

Share Your Latest Highlight

Streaming the Borderlands series lately? Share your latest highlight & say what you're working on!
I'm currently catching up on Tina Tiny's Assault of Dragon Keep before I tackle the new DLC. Apparently, Assault on Dragon Keep has some of the best weapons for Gauge (see so I'm planning on farming some of them to give her a more complete loadout. I started with a Boosted Gauge to rush content because she's apparently a little bit "broken" for solo play and all of my prior progress was on PC.
In this clip, I start getting my butt kicked at the end of Chapter 1 by a series of four skeleton bosses - other than the Fibber + a Laseux I pulled off of a Boosted Maya, the bulk of my current loadout is fire weapons, which skeletons are immune to...I'm hoping to farm an Ogre, which is one of my all-time favorite guns. Grog Nozzle will also be helpful for survival.

LV.20 Mod 3d

Who are y'all gonna play in BL3?

LV.3 Lurker 4d

Borderlands 3 release crew

Need some chill people who are tryna play at midnight via release, super exicted

LV.2 Lurker 4d


Doing dlcs need 3

LV.4 Enderman 4d

Borderlands 3 Squad

still need 1 more person for my BL3 squad
Requirements: ✅must play amara✅Have a Snapchat✅have a mic✅live in a United States time zone

LV.5 Lurker 4d

Need 2 for farming invincibles

LV.7 Elite Four 5d

Need some one to do quests with

LV.7 Elite Four 5d


Need 2 doing quest

LV.4 Enderman 5d

I don’t Know about you, but I’d let CL4P-TP shove a whole bag of jellybeans up my butt

LV.3 Lurker 5d

Hmm good point

LV.9 Steve 5d

Need 2 for Borderlands game of the year edition

Doing quest , grinding send me message

LV.4 Enderman 6d

Who’s pumped for borderlands 69


LV.7 Clearly Hacking 6d

Stolen from Reddit

LV.9 Steve 6d

Borderlands game of the year edition

Doing side quest and story need 2 have mics

LV.4 Enderman 6d

Hahaha this is plagiarism 🤣

LV.9 Steve 7d

Moze is my new favourite character

I played borderlands 2 ever since I was 7 YEARS OLD, too young for borderlands but I give zero shits and how I discovered the game was when it was my turn on the Apple Mac and my brother forgot to close his steam account so I had access to it and I'm glad I did because I played that game over and over for 4 years non stop and I loved it and in early 2017 I got into Titanfall 2 which I also loved for 2 years and still playing, so my most favourite game series is realising a new one with a character with a mech with a similar interface cockpit like titanfall with more weapon options and a badass looking pliot along with it?

LV.3 Sharpshooter 8d

Some of my art tell me what you think

LV.8 Nomad 9d

This Fit Moze?

After watching Moze's character trailer for the 100th time, I heard this song called Savior, and for some reason I made me think that it kinda fits her.. so I wanted to see what y'all think.

This is the song I'm talking about..

LV.17 Deadeye 9d


Ive beat this game so many times

LV.4 Lurker 9d


also I will b trading and selling head and skin customizations I will b getting tons more hmu if interested

LV.6 Sweaty 10d

Another one

told ya

LV.6 Sweaty 10d

Borderlands 3

Who is ready for borderlands 3 that come out in September 13 2019

LV.2 Gym Leader 10d

Gunzerker trees

Would anyone be so kind as to share their personal skill alignments for Salvadore? I've never really used him and wasn't sure what the best combination of things would be.

LV.9 Steve 10d