The best

The best game ever I used to play a lot of this game

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Captain Flynn Boss Fight + ClapTrap Trolls Me Hard | Borderlands 2 VR Funny Moments

Wasssssssssup it’s StonerRick back with another Borderlands 2 VR video! Last time we got stuck looking for the lever but this time we make it much farther. We make our way through the grunts and fight Captain Flynn! Claptrap then skrewed me over, not once, but twice. If you enjoy the video leave a like, comment, and hit that subscribe button! Thanks for watching!

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Join The Kingdom ESports

The Kingdom is an ESports Community for all, we offer something for everyone, you should be able to find a niche here. :)

: We welcome anybody whom would like to join but our focus as far as gaming is concerned is Next Gen based. (PS4 Xbone PC)

: No Racism, Trolling, Lgbt Bashing, Sexism is allowed here.

: We have self assign roles so you can see the games you want accordingly.

: Our bot commands are outlined so you'll never be confused on who does what.

: We have plenty of voice channels for hanging out or listening to music.

: Our server has free tv and anime links along with a discussion channel for them.

: We have Pokémon, Minigames, memes, trivia, uno as a small example of the extra activities provided.

: Our server is trying to break that 250k discord limit, we strive to have a server for everyone to enjoy.

: New suggestions and ideas for games and anything else are encouraged, speak your mind.

: The Kingdom hopes you'll join its open gates and would love to have you stick around.

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I’m boosting

LV.7 Elite Four 1mo

Need help

I need help killing taramorphoes

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Is that the symbol of the Vault

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Heres a random BL:TPS clip (sorry about the bad quality btw)

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Borderlands 2

If you have borderlands 2 and have all the dlcs on the 360 im looking to get all of them and if you dont play anymore i would like to have anyones acc if you have all the dlcs

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Hey! I am relatively new to the game and have started 2 days ago I find the progression to be very slow and all the community’s I’ve asked for help will not reply. If someone were to even just drop me a few guns it would really help I’m not sure if the duplication glitch still works but I’ve seen videos if you don’t want to lose anything. Thanks.

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I need help!

If you’ve got the pre sequel on ps4 I just need 1 more person to help me with a trophy!

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Could somebody boost me to a high level and gun drop, that way I can help people or the person that boosted me farm.

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Burger gun

Okay who wants to get the burger gun as well

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How many of you vape while gaming

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If anyone is playing borderlands the pre sequel and is willing to help me then that would be great! If you can drop some unique and/or legendary items that's awesome. If you can help leveling me up then that would also be appreciated! I'm level 37 and dont really have anything.
You need a mic if you actually want to play but if you just want to drop stuff then you dont need a mic.

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My new video it would mean a lot for people to check it out

Watch "Borderlands Glitch 3 in 1 video" on YouTube

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Whats the fastest way to get lvl 72?

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What is the best gun I should grind for in bl2

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Can somebody mod 1 of my accounts on borderland 2? Max lvl infinite badass stats black weapons?

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Big mistake but on BL2 Xbox One

Just accidentally bought Borderlands GOTY Edition instead of the Handsome Collection... anyone tryna spot me $60? 😂😂😂

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Grinding Borderlands 3

Let’s be honest who else here is gonna try to grind for the gun with legs?

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Who's live streaming?

Leave your name here

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Borderlands 3

Well I'm a big fan of this series and played every other game of Borderlands and I don't get why people hate it because it's released on epic store. It's their decision and if you don't like it simply don't buy it. Am I the only one thinking like this? I would love to hear some arguments from those who hate the decision

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BadAss Tokens

No More Using My Controller To Sped Tokens👀💯🔥

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Help me pls

Can some one help me insta my zero

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Will you get Borderlands 3 with the game play we've seen?

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BL2 Need an Xbox One boost to lvl 50. Save file got corrupted

I messed up pretty bad when I realized I lost my characters and now I'm back to square 1. Please someone hmu if u can help me out

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When your a lvl 1 and you find your first Badass

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BL2 Character Upload Problems (Xbox)

Can anyone please help me? My character is uploaded from my 360 but when I go to check on the Xbox One it only pops up, "Upload Current Character" and not Download Character. I've worked too hard to start at lvl 1 again. Please anyone help

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Borderlands 2 Xbox one

Looking for someone to power level me and maybe drop loot (heads/weapons)

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