Can anyone else literally not play online without getting disconnected? Its not my internet

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Anyone wanna play borderlands anyone can join just don't live 300 billion miles away from the uk

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Can someone plss game shared me borderlands 2 plssssssss. I dont want to play fortnite alll the time

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Could someone be nice enough to game share me borderlands 2 i really want to play soo bad

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Irl fotage

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Game share bl2 plz😭 (Xbox)

Does anyone have borderlands 2 and be willing to game share it with me? I had it for my ps4 but I sold it and now I really miss it and wanna grind borderlands 2 with someone. Hmu, thanks!

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Borderlands 1 the remastered for Xbox one is it worth the buy

Is borderlands year edition worth the buy? does it include all dlc content?

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Guys ngl I think bl3 is made for me I have a character named after me (zane)

And it’s being released on my birthday like wtffffff

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Steam Flags Angry Borderlands 2 Reviews as “Off-Topic”

Borderlands 1 and 2 were both bombarded with negative reviews on Steam from April 3rd through April 6th. Utilizing a new feature, Steam has tagged these negative reviews as “largely unrelated to the likelihood that you would enjoy the product.” In other words, they have nothing to do with the game itself. The tagged negative reviews do not affect the game’s scores, although they are still available to read.
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Game sharing

Hey I just wanna play borderlands 2 and was wondering if any Xbox players would wanna game share with me, I have a bunch of good games just txt me through Xbox or here for details

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So hyped for borderlands 3

Who be as hyped as me

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I remember this from the live stream

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Everyone sub to pewdiepie Me and my dad are battling how many views we can get!

My dads saying to sub to tseries
SUB to pewdiepie instead
Road to 200 likes!

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Anyone kind enough to gameshare borderlands Game of the year edition with me please?

Please I can’t afford it...

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do you think krieg and maya had a kid and its her

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Borderlands 3 better be good

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I’m live on Twitch - Watch me at

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What characters are you hoping to see in Borderlands 3?

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Borderlands 3 HYPE what's your favourite Vault Hunter? Personally I love Gaige (Bl2) and Jack (TPS)

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Honestly though was anyone on here hoping to find a relationship at one point?

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Sign up for the insider program

If you're getting borderlands 3 sign up. when you sign up for the insider program you can get some free loot for any edition

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Meme of the day (Sat, 6th)

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Need help

Is there any way of easily getting corrosive weapons? Im pretty certian that all weapons are random is chests, boss drops, and Marcus' s sales, but is there possibly a way to get corrosive weapons?

Just askin ;-;
Probably a worthless question but still

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Pickle should be in borderlands 3!

Pickle should be in borderlands 3, just because he’s pickle.

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When you find a really good gun but you inventory’s full of your favorite guns

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I thought it was a good first post idea

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Future borderlands

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What are you guys hoping for in borderlands 3?

What kind of features or things do you guys want in borderlands 3?

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