Borderlands on drugs

Gearbox employees: so how trippy do you want this new trailer to be.

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Borderlands 2 shoft codes?

Anybody got any shoft codes? Or wants to help me boost up levels???

LV.6 Nomad 18h

Op 10

Is there anyone who could help me get to OP 10 im OP 2 atm but i just need someone that could power through these

LV.5 Epic 1d

Looking for teammates on Borderlands 2.

Need at least one person to join me on Borderlands 2 I'm on PS4 my PSN name is deadman10057 please have a working mic.
If interested please send a friend request and I will add you right away. I do a lot of live streaming on YouTube as this game is fun to mess around in especially with friends.

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Can someone boost me on the Pre Sequel on PS4 please? Psn: ScaredPoPcORN

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If anyone has an op10 perfect dpuh would u mind duping it

LV.11 Shadow 2d

Anyone doing modded weapons drops on Xbox?

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I am lvl 49 on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode(haven’t started it yet) but would like for someone to get me to lvl 80 so I can grind out better weapons to start it. Please help. PSN: Molerat_mp4

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Can I get advice for leveling up?

I'm a level 50 I've been playing for a while and I'm bored of my ways to level up

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BL2 boosting

Add D3sModdedBL2 on PS4 for XP lobbies, Irriduim drops, and gun drops

LV.4 Lurker 3d

Playstation 4

Is there anyone who could boost me? Psn ufailedthislobby

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Add me need more followers ‼️

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Just looking for someone to help me get to lvl 80 tired of farming. Please invite me or add me as a friend on Xbox one DisabledDragon0

LV.2 Lurker 4d

Can someone mod my psn account please for bl2

LV.2 Lurker 4d

If Someone has a spare Purple rarity Magic Missile Granade in Borderlands 2 And doesnt need it...

...i need one. Yesterday i farmed +3 hours to get this thing but it just wont give it to me i got 5 Firestorm granades so if anyone needs one im willing to give all of them away. If you have a spare one and you are willing to give it ill be very happy. My user name on PS4 is Jofjosi.

LV.2 Lurker 4d

Anyone doing a modded weapons drop?

LV.2 Lurker 4d

Heads and Skins

Does anyone have like, all the heads and Skins on a character? Runners and stuff too?? Is it possible to drop these? I know you could for PS3 but I don't know about PS4.

LV.5 Dream Chaser 5d

Weapon drop

Doing a level 80 weapon drop add me psn:

LV.4 You're a Bot 5d

Looking for modded lobby BDL 2 on xbox send me a message RebelRed996

LV.2 Assassin 6d

I need a modded lobby for Xbox borderlands 2 gt: RebelRed996

LV.2 Assassin 6d

I need someone to mod my ps4 borderlands 2 account

If someone can help me or tell me how to mod borderlands your awesome

LV.2 Lurker 6d

Farm Haderax get the peak set

Hello I'm on xbox. Gt (tater1la) I need help to kill hadterax to get the peak set because he's the only Raid boss I cannot kill

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Looking for op loot on ps4

If anyone has any op loot for lvl 41 please add me at KripticTV on psn

LV.5 Insomniac 7d

(PS4) I have a couple of effervescent (rainbow) loot to trade (lvl 30-35)

If interested add me at KripticTV

LV.5 Insomniac 7d

I need a xp farm server for xbox one

Gamer tag is xxfiretypexx and I need to join a xp farm for xbox one

LV.2 Lurker 7d

I need xp farm for xbox one

I'm I'm a level 18 and need a xp farm server for xbox one, I played the game over 4000 hours, I just don't wanna grind again

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SaloNation recruiting

We are Salo Nation!! This is a place where all games / platforms are accepted. We are not biased towards anyone whatsoever. Salo Nation is a growing gaming community looking for memebrs, gamers or creators to grow with. We're pushing on doing many things with Salo such as ,making esports teams , building a community, and hopefully a org. Our goal is to create a good environment for everyone to enjoy. Salo is still in the early stages so things , since we are fairly new to this. We hope everyone enjoy their time here at SALO NATION!!!

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Op 10 loot drops

If you need a loot drop on xbox 1 message MasterGamer1353

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Borderlands forgotten game

Ok y’all might say I’m wrong but have you ever heard anyone talk about borderlands vr?

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Modded Lobby Hosting

Just recently got a Modded save for PS4 and will be hosting XP lobbies and drop lobbies. Want one add D3sModdedBL2

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