bow chicka wow wow 🥜🍆💦

*80s porno music fades out

*slaps baby maker

this bad baby gang bangs enemies harder than

thats right fucking memeception!

anyways along with the theme that the (redacted) shield is super op you can also utilize this mofo by yeetinf it at the ground and it’s 4+clones rush the closest enemy screaming aloha snakbar and what’s the meaning of life. well i’ll tell you. being able to play god just as we dis in borderlands two with bad ass rank in the millions or even in diablo 3 where paragon was nearly over 9000 can now be done via this bad ass combo.

check out the last two posts to connect the dots

yall are smart i believe in you.

enjoy comment for more loot or other great combos we should try with this. currently we are working on other builds similar to this like (redacted) and (also redacted). which we should have within the month or less due to farming limitations. but other than that i will keep posting and pluging away for yall. l8r

like sub obey🖤😈

memes for days.


content forever: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxELBtPr_a3sZwIVL--pAYw

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shocking news!

Next to the bee shield in bl2 this badass decepticon is perfect for the aggro in you. best paired with (redacted) it can instantly recharge your shield and you can keep that mighty morphin pain train rollin! *transformer sounds.
tbh by utilizing impact shock nades to shock launchers or even tediore shock weapons you can tank through just about any gunfight, especially mayhem 3 tvhm as moze! also looking at what enemies are attacking you with is crucial to helping you survive even longer. for instance going up against “maliwan dickheads” you be able to use their traps against them and with the battle with a killer backhand that is the transformer.

im cgincubus feom ps4 and thank you for attending my ted talk. <3

hmu with your suggestions on loot ya want show cased and displayed next.

and as always like sub obey! 🖤😈

you need the memes.

you need the content xD


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POPULAR I need more time in a day to play more games who else does?

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POPULAR Who wants to be claptrap buddies ? 💜✨

I love claptrap so much , and I was wondering if anyone who else loves him too wants to be friends ? 🤗✨

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POPULAR Yeet thy flame bich.

The only gun in bl3 that can actually give you the truest of nam flashbacks now with 100% more throw for your flame. Ya yeet. burn baby! *evil laughter ensues

anyways this is the elon musk flamethrower from real life buy one or dont idgaf.


this is my fave gun for fl4k as the crit damage for mobs is insane! to see the slaughter clik the link below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxELBtPr_a3sZwIVL--pAYw

memes: https://m.facebook.com/CultGrey/

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POPULAR Butcher shop is open for business serving fresh 🍖🚲 daily<3

after 10/03/19 patch the butcher isn’t what it used to be. explanation: this magic meat machine would dominate graveward as fl4k crit build with not even a single reload. now with the balance to fl4k(again) this boom stick requires multiple reloads.

overall the best shotgun in the game still along with fire rate and now at a reduced rate of returning ammo to the mag, it is still so viable in every situation...

*salesman slaps butcher* as you can see this baby can rip through multiple enemies laying absolute waste to any poor turd farmer in it’s path igniting the vaulter in all of us as piles of mounds (redacted) tinks flying (redacted) yeet. even as a lvl 49 weapon tier it can rip through true vault hunter mode mayhem 2 a bit more effort for mayhem 3 tvhm tbh.

protip: always ping and team shoot. it’s wasier when you communicate and can see the problem enemy.

if ya wanna see this big butch in action hot up the stream tonight 6pm pst. link below <3




What guns yall want next comment below!!! please. i get bored and need to be inspired by my following.

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Going live on twitch and helping level I am 50 just starting the main story quest.

I am starting the game fresh with a level 50 Moze come join my game PSN FinalHarps or my stream www.twitch.com/finalharps

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POPULAR Best shotgun that runs off AR ammmo in Bl3. Found -Graveward

This baller right here is super fun n for the crit build just melting 1-2 shoting most mobs. Badasses not a weapon i’d choose but still fun to have a ton of ammo for this bad boy running off of a r ammo the fun never ends! Comes in all sorts of damage types too. Unfortunately it does not have a 2nd underbarrel attachment, but that would be so lit to where that was the reload. as if switching the barrels reloaded the weapon!!! damn just another Cult wetdream i guess. anyways we are heading into month 2 post launch and i am just so stoked for the 1st dlc cuz lets be honest here. all we been doing is farmin baby and it aint gonna stop anytime soon so give me more i say! more bosses to loot repeatedly until i fall asleep with the controller in my hands!

I love Borderlands <3

and i’d love you guys if ya give me some
“sub love”- finalharps aka herpes 🔥


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxELBtPr _a3sZwIVL.in thefblink--pAYw -

funny me mes?
✅ httpsturnupsidedown://m.fa👌🏻cebook.com/CultGrey/


and as always like, sub obey🖤👽

area 69 is real and it’s here. actually in the you tube link.

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POPULAR Yo did they lower the drop rate of legendary items.....???

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POPULAR A Quick Guide To Elemental Properties

As you get your hands on more weapons, you'll start to notice various elemental properties attached to them: Shock, Corrosive, Radiation, Incendiary, and Cryo. Each is effective in their ways and can even help you better take out specific enemy types. Below you can find a quick breakdown of the different elemental properties:
***Shock: Slowly drains enemy health. It's incredibly effective against enemies with shields--particularly Maliwan Troopers.
***Corrosive: Quickly whittles away armored enemies and inflicts additional damage over time.
****Radiation (Replaces Slag): Inflicts an aura of damage around the enemy that explodes upon death. It's handy against groups of enemies.
****Incendiary: Inflicts damage over time. It's incredibly effective against enemies without shields--particularly bandits and animals.
***Cryo: Useful for dealing with enemies that have high mobility--which are mostly in the late game--but there are some Maliwan soldiers with superspeed early on. Shielded targets are slightly immune to Cyro, but aren't affected by armor. Likewise, you take less damage from cryo weapons while your shield is up.

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POPULAR So I have to ask how the hell is Claptrap still alive?

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POPULAR I uhhhh didnt get anything good....

LV.8 Let’s play R6!

POPULAR Lmao of course

Makes sense

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Who wants some fast leveling up in bl3 on playstation

Join me with your low level and get leveled up

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POPULAR Does this game really need mirror damage.

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POPULAR Bottomless Mags Moze

LV.22 S


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POPULAR Hey didn’t see you there...

i know what you’re thinking after that horrid pun.

But don’t leave!

I just wanted to tell yall we have memes, content
(sort of). More importantly we have so much time to play! Specifically 6pm-midnight PST mon-fri! Hit us up on ps4 or stream anytime. Add CGINCUBUS for initiation. (; You might have to buy lunch. Jk

ugh foood

🍖 🚲

oh yea borderlands! and content... here ya go c;

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Awesome Items

POPULAR Hell walker is one of my favorite guns now

plays a guitar riff with every shot and it’s super powerful with a fl4k crit build

LV.6 Shadow


I love BALEX

LV.20 S

POPULAR Fallout easter egg in Borderlands 3!

I‘ve kind of expected to find some kind of fallout reference in the waste land of pandora but this this is amazing!

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Awesome Items

POPULAR About 30 of em

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Greetings Vault Hunters! Our double Borderlands 3 Event is over and we’re ready to announce the winners. First, we’d like to thank each of you for participating. It has been fantastic to see so many people using Moot to find Borderlands 3 groups, plus we’ve enjoyed seeing all your sweet gear in the Awesome Loot board!
FIRST, the 10 winners for the LFG event! Each of these users has won a $50 US Amazon Gift Card. Congratulations!
- TrillCrosby
- wonder bucks
- GamingBandit
- Hayden_
- rockonmatt
- alphasquirrel08
- Killuacactus55
- Xxpancake51Xx
- ThatOne_Purple
- JuicyBanana
SECOND, the 10 winners for the Awesome Loot event! Each of these users has also won
a $50 US Amazon Gift Card.
- banana_kris
- Whiteshado36
- sSloth999
- Datoughguy
- Burned Marshmello.
- Bugerking Wifi420
- Demongrel
- Kills
- Christian Dixon
- Classic Wavy
Thank you again to everyone who participated! If you did not win, don’t be discouraged! We just might have another cool event for Borderlands fans coming up soon. (please don’t tell my boss I told you)

verified Admin

POPULAR Someone had to say it.

Yo i f***ing love this game but damn after racking up almost two days of playtime I’m only sick of, “You want to hear a story?” No Crazy uncle samurai marcus wanna be kill bill antagonist looking bitch. sorry im just mad cuz my homie lost all his lvl 50 gear in his safe and my operator who is lvl 44 only has 4 skill points to utilize....kms *Digitizes* doesnt respawn *unist....


hold up

So yeah there are some major issues week one but thats ok cuz im still gonna play the f*** outa this beautiful monstrosity that we call mayhem. playing true vault hunter with mayhem is even an extra challenge for only the best loot, especially the tink farm on eden 6. the squad (4) got 22 legendaries between all of us on our 1st attempt! so i take the loss of a character as grain of salt and just on to the next lol

so im gonna play fl4k and am just going to perfect the one shot boss kill.




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Awesome Items

POPULAR My first half decent legendary!

Artic Star Helix

LV.20 S

POPULAR Let’s fucking go bois!!


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POPULAR millennials be like. 😈🍆😋



lmao some peeps will probably search that last one xD
I’m awesome. anyways how are you guys? it’s only been 30 seconds since my last post.

I think the #1 gun is gonna be butt plug lemme know your fave in the comments below. dont forget to like, comment and obey🖤

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lol diablo with orange and red borders am i right? but anointed weapons drop as often in mayhem 3 as much as legendaries ya feel. or am i wrong?
anyways like, sub and obey 🖤😈




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POPULAR How to Obtain One-Pump Chump

As many have been posting about this superpowered early-game Shotgun, I've decided to share a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the One-Punch shotgun, "One Pump Chump" all for yourself!
First and foremost, you need to progress through the Story to the point where you have left Pandora and obtained access to Sanctuary (III) and Promethea.
On Promethea, progress through the "Hostile Takeover" mission until you reach the "Meridian Megaplex. Once you're in Meridian Megaplex, you should be able to enter Lectro City, where the "One Punch" boss is hidden.
From the entrance of Lectro City, hug around the left side, all the way past "Big Dock Energym," until you reach the south-east corner.
Make sure you hit the New-U station nearby.If you look around, you should see a stairwell heading underground:
Head down those stairs, and you'll end up in a run-down subway station.
Continue short ways down the subway station until you reach some stairs on the left, being sure to clear out the enemies that spawn.
Head up those stairs, and you should see a small nook.
Head in there and look to the left to find a room with a chain-lined fence.
When you enter the room, you should see five switches -
Button, Handle, Switch, Wheel, Lever.
Using the five switches, activate all five of the TVs.
Here's the solution: Button, Wheel, Floor Lever, Handle, Handle
If you've activated them correctly, a mini-boss called One Punch will spawn out of the doorway.
BE CAREFUL and make sure you keep your distance - true to his name, a single hit will put you into FFYL mode. Cluster grenades + fire weapons are pretty effective on him (in Normal mode).
Remember that there's also a nearby New-U station right above the subway - so don't worry too much if you mess up.
If you're lucky, he'll drop the weapon right away, but I had to fight him 10+ times before he finally dropped it.
If it doesn't drop from him the first time, just exit out to the main menu and you'll reload at the nearby New-U so you can spawn him again.

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POPULAR How are you guys liking Tina's development?

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