What decides the direction of arrows?

I just got curious. Arrows seem to be working as a direction of an attack of a unit.
What decides the direction of arrows after deploying heroes and creeps?

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Valve devlopers play Artifact

I like the combination of blue/black.

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Artifact goes to PAX - Secret shop podcast

LV.17 Sage 1year

Isn't it funny how they've put 3 lanes in the game not 2?

I'm surprised GabeN even accepted this. lol

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Seriously, why all the hype?

Frankly, I don't see why this game gets so many attentions. There are tons of TCGs out there, and Artifact is not so different than others. Just adding colors to the cards is not the answer, and creating two more lanes certainly is a bad move. That doesn't decide how deep the game is. It just confuses players by adding unnecessary complexity.
To be clear, I am not a fan of Hearthstone, but it's apparent that Blizzard is already taking up most of the digital TCG market. By the looks of it, Valve's going to have a hard time dethroning the champion, imho.

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Am I the only one excited to open card packs once the game gets released?

In any TCG games, whenever I open booster packs, my heart pounds so much that it almost feels like I'm hurting myself lol Don't you ever get so pumped up before something like this?
Watching others unpack cards is always fun too. I don't always play Hearthstone, but I sure do love watching whales do card openings on Youtube.

LV.20 S 1year

I've never bothered to try Hearthstone

But there's something about Artifact that makes me want to try it. Why?
Honestly, I have no idea. I don't play DOTA 2, and I don't even like TCGs.
Is this the magic of Gabe Newell? What kind of trickery is this?

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Do you think digital TCGs will replace physical TCGs?

There's been a lot of digital TCGs recently (Artifact, Hearthstone, even MTG Arena). Personally, I still like having the physical cards. It makes my collection feel "real." How do you guys feel about digital TCGs?

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Opinions on the ranking system

I've been reading info about the game here and there, and it seems Valve wants to stay away from making traditional ladder systems we have seen from other games. They say there will be tournaments for competition.
Personally, I don't think it's a wise choice. If it's all about winning a tournament with no other compensation, wouldn't it jeopardize the replayability of the game? There has to be a way to reward the time spent playing.

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As much as I would love to play the game right now...

People begging for beta keys are everywhere, and the number of people selling beta keys on Ebay is too damn high.
The price has gone down from $200 to $50~$100, but still, they are way overpriced. You can't possibly imagine buying one for yourself.
There needs to be a way for people to access the game beforehand other than buying on Ebay or begging. Valve should seriously consider selling pre-order beta key.

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Do not beg for beta keys

Hey everyone,

Please don't use this space to beg for beta keys.

Thank you!

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A game doesn't last as long as I thought

I've been watching Artifact gameplays on Youtube and found out that most of the games only last 15-20 minutes.
With three lanes, I honestly thought that it would take more than an hour to play against someone in your league.
What do you think about the duration of the game?

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With hours of watching and reading, I've finally come to conclusion

I'm gonna play the shit out of this game

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Will there be a way to try Artifact for free?

I get that you need to pay certain bucks to earn decks, booster packs and stuff, but will there be trial decks we can use against A.I. for free playing? Also, Would Valve offer 2 hour refund just like they do with any other games on Steam?

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Has anyone been to PAX WEST to play the game for yourself?

If you did, can you share your thoughts on the game? It looks hella fun, but I'm still deciding whether to jump in or not. Do you think it's worth paying for?

LV.20 S 1year

How much money will you be spending on this game?

For $19.99, you get two decks and a booster pack.
I wasn't expecting it to be free to play, but it feels too pricey for me.
Once the rent money goes out of my pocket, I'll be broke as a homeless lolz
I won't be spending more than I can earn for sure...

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Helpful tips before playing Artifact!

Did you know that each hero in the game has its own color?
Apparently, the colors indicate the role and personality of the card you're playing.
Red cards, for example, have higher stats but are weaker in spells in return.
It would be wise to utilize them early on in the game to gain the upper hand.
Blue cards get more useful later in the game. They can instantly wipe out your opponent's board with fancy spell cards.
Green cards are support type heroes that are capable of restoration and giving out buffs.
With Black cards, you can focus on earning more gold and break the boundaries between the boards.
I'm sure most of you have acquired basic knowledge of the game early on, and there already are few tips here and there in the lounge. Nevertheless, hope this info helps you on your journey to becoming a better player. Knowledge is power, take the early lead and claim your victories in October!

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Savjz about Artifact 'Finally there's going to be an E-eports TCG'

And, It's really complex and stuff!

LV.17 Sage 1year

Can anyone explain to me the rule of this thing?

I'm willing to try this one out, but the complexity is a pain in the ass! I've watched the tutorial over and over again but failed to even grasp the general concept.

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What do you think of the graphics?

They say Valve used Source 2 to create the game, which is the very same engine that was used to upgrade DOTA 2 in the past.
Personally, I'm not really impressed with the overall quality. But then again, it's only a TCG game, am I right?
What are y'all thoughts?

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How can I get a beta key?

LV.4 Lurker 1year

What should the lanes in Artiface be called?

LV.3 Lurker 1year

Artifact gameplay - 4K video

Ahhhhhh holy shit the quality!!!!
This is really good without IGN's play hahaha

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Make your Artifact card!

LV.3 Lurker 1year

I can't wait for this game to come out and I know I'm not the only one...

I heard that people from Pax 2018 are are getting 2 free beta codes, and seeing it on eBay...
I also heard the of a few codes going for $200!!!!
I'm definitely waiting for the game to come out, but I need more knowledge to prepare myself...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

Buying cards

Is buying cards available only for real money? You cant buy it with in-game money?

LV.20 S 1year

Why Artifact will be better than Hearthstone

Heartstone is luck-based game. A lot of progamer and streamer admit that luck affect more than skill. Let’s watch these cards.
Can you find the something in common? Yeah, Randomness. So many randomness can be found in this game. Yogg-Saron, Hope's end was a disaster. And look at that Babbling Book. I used this card well but, it is randomness itself. Its cost is 1, and this card can give me 10 costs card like Pyroblast(generated by Babbling Book. DAMN) or shit.
Then, let's see how professional gamer cope with this randomness.
That's right. PRAY.
At least Artifact is trying to provide strategical experience to player by Shopping phase, tournament instead of ladder, etc. What are your thought?

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Artifact - Spells

Spells are a type of Artifact card that makes up the majority of a Deck, and are played in the Action Phase of a round. They can summon creatures, buff and debuff enemy cards, deal Damage and destroy Units. They are primary avenue for interacting with the current lane, and in rare cases, the whole board.
Every spell has an associated Mana Cost which must be paid from your pool of Mana to cast the spell.
Sometimes, they cost more than Mana. This card will condemn hero immediately, but you have to discard a random card.
There is a thing you should concern. You can only cast spells in a lane with a Hero of the corresponding color in play. For example, if you do not control any hero in a lane, you may not cast any spells in that lane.
In this case, you can only play green spell cards.
And, as I told you before, we have Signature Spell cards. These spell cards have a hero icon marked on the bottom right corner of their art, indicating that they are the signature spell of a hero. These signature spell cards show identity of heroes.
You can see the icon of Bristleback, that means, this card belongs to Bristleback.
Again, Thank you for reading. Tomorrow is finally PAXWest. See you there!

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New Artifact card revealed (Meepo)

sry this is just custom card I made LOL

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Artifact booth at PAXWest

It would really awesome if I could get there..

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