To get a beta key and waste time...
Read the reddit thread, it will explain everything time was wasted and I need to go to bed...

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Crack The Whip -> Coordinated Assault

I'm surprised that this hasn't come up to discussion in this lounge yet. Crack The Whip, a black spell that modifies a black hero with "After you play a black card, give this hero and its allied neighbors +2 Attack this round," has been renamed to Coordinated Assault. Apparently, due to it being a 'black' card that has a title and imagery of whipcracking, some of the people were offended, arguing that the card contains racist connotations. There's already an article about it.
Any thoughts?

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Will MTG Arena hurt Artifact?

MTGA has been getting a lot of attention on Twtich lately and has been featured on the home page pretty much every day since the beta released. MTGA could definitely take away a lot of potential Artifact players especially because it's free to play compared to Artifact's up-front cost.

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It wouldn't be wrong to think if the devil was planning this the whole time...

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October is nearing

Artifact releases in two months, and we still don't have any clue on when the beta would start. And most importantly, no news on pre-order with beta access. I've been telling people to be patient, but now I'm losing it myself.

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Would 750 Ti be enough to run Artifact?

Like I said in the title. Would it be enough to run it smoothly? My computer's like 4 years old with GTX 750 Ti and i3 4130 I've been pretty much playing most of the games on PS4 and Xbox one. I wish Artifact were released on both consoles. I've been saving up to buy Artifact and booster packs, and I just don't want spend more dollars just to play the game.😅

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A small prize whenever you win a tournament

I couldn't be more happy to welcome Artifact, but if there's absolutely no incentive to play against others, why play it in the first place? Ladder system is not my kind of thing, but I wish there was a compensation for putting efforts in to the game. How does a small prize for every tournament you win sound? Even just a booster pack.

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Although rarities don't necessarily decide how powerful a card is...

So far, it seems to me the higher the rarity is, the better the cards are. Of course I won't be running a deck full of only rare cards, but it sure sounds tempting if i ever be able to make one. It's not impossible if you think about it. I saw a post the other day on Reddit saying 61 cards out of 222 are rare. Considering that there will be expansions to come in the future, If I spend just right amount of money, I'll be able to make one.

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What did I miss?

I've been staying away from Artifact for over a week, and there's not a lot of posts going on in the lounge. The official Artifact Twitter seems to be working pretty hard introducing new cards to players, and the search for beta keys is also still ongoing. I planned never to come here again until the official release, but I just couldn't bear it. Can anyone sum up what's going on right now?

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Some of is can relate...

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The Future of Artifact Memes... There will be better ones...

Not bad making my first meme...

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You can thank the Chinese for the artifact leak... Looks nice tbh...

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What I got from reddit, take it as a grain of salt...


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Let your Memes be keys for this Artifact Beta Key Contest...

In this contest, you have to make fanart or memes relating to artifact, this one I can have a shot at, but can be fun to do... So here is the link hope this helps anyone and happy meme hunting...

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Reddit is holding a beta key contest for any artist..

I'm can't draw great for my life so might as will share it for anyone willing to take the challenge, you got til the 28th of September...

Here is a link:

Hope it helps any of you out...

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Reddit is going crazy over figuring out ARG for key...

It happening now, here's the info:
All I can do for now, God Speed for any on the search as well...

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What are your favorite cards so far?

New cards are getting constantly revealed these days, and some of them look fantastic. Performance wise, I'll be incorporating Vhoul martyr in my deck. It will be a fine addition considering how modification gives permanent bonus stats to all allies. Putting aside the performance, I love the card art of Zeus. He never got my attention as a Dota hero but is certainly a fantastic looking unit in Artifact.

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Relentless Zombie and Selfish Cleric

Relentless Zombie / Blue Creep
Play Effect: Give Relentless Zombie a Death Shield
Death Shield: If a unit would die, instead remove its death shield and it survives with 1 Health. A unit may only have one death shield at a time.
Selfish Cleric / Green Creep
Fully heal Selfish Cleric after the combat phase.

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We got an interview with the dev, it was nice to hear his input...

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'Modify' is permanent while 'give' is not

Everyone hurry to @PlayArtifact for beta keys!

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MTG Arena Open Beta on 27th

Did you guys know that MTG Arena is having an open beta on 27th this month? It's on today's daily moot.
I won't be able to try it since I'm all for Artifact, and I don't want to spoil my taste before the game's release. Does anyone want to try MTG out? I'm curious to know if they made a good game.

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Beta starts next month! But on what date?

Come on Valve. I think it's time already for you guys to come clean. September is about to end, and October's just days away. Just stop with the card reveal and tell us exactly what date it is. Don't tell me it'll be on the last day of October! I'm barely holding myself not to pass out.

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Anyone think there needs to be a spectator mode?

For free I mean. There should be a spectator mode for players whoever wishes to watch the game for themselves. It's a way of attracting more players I would say. Of course, there will be many videos expaining what artifact is about and how to play the game. Nothing, however, is better than watching the game for yourself in action imo. For sure, it'll help potential players get the better gist of Artifact.

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Obliterating Orb / Consumable
Condemn an improvement.
Vhoul Martyt / Green Creep
Death Effect: Modify allies with +1 Attack and +1 Health
I knew this day would come the moment I agreed to host Rix's gatherings in my wine cellar... [...] I know it's only a matter of time before Tresdin has me executed, and I won't lie. I'm scared. But we all have our parts to play. — Papa Samet, Vhoul Martyr
Finally, a card to eliminate improvements! Vhoul Martyr looks pretty decent too!

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Well we got an Artifact Hero tier list before the beta...

Let me know what you think...

These are the hero cards from pax also, take most of my what they as a grain of salt and understand one of them have been to pax and has enough experience with the game...

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What decides the rarity of a card?

I just checked on the website mentioned on the post below, and I already see cards being sorted by rarities. I thought the hero cards were supposed to be rare, making the rest common and uncommon, but I guess I was wrong. There should be certain reasons why some of the cards are rare and some of them are not. Do any of you guys know?

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Seemingly a great website to hang out before Artifact comes out

The latest news and database is updated quickly, and they totally nailed the design. Build your own deck and share! You can even get your deck rated by other players.

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Me trying to pull the one card I wanted

Source :
You and me, both. 😂😂😂

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I would love to see an Artifact tournament to be held in moot.

There should be a tournament held under the name of moot and also a prize for whoever wins and takes the honor. The prize doesn't necessarily be a lot of money, and if it's possible, tournaments should be held regularly. This would definitely make the Artifact lounge more crowded and interesting(not that it isn't right now lol)
moot cup? Moot cup? cup? Anyone better idea for the name?

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Creeps being summoned randomly into lanes

Randomly summoned creeps are one of the few RNG elements in Artifact. It might seem it infects little to none since summoned creeps have pretty low stats, but it's actually a game changing feature. What I like about it is that it can possibly lead players to turn the table around if creeps are summoned in the desired lanes. It can buy a player enough time to prepare for a comeback and potentially be buffed enough to make some damage. At the same time, it may cause a problem of unpredictability, making the game less skill based. Do you think it's better to summon creeps this way, or do you prefer to have total control of where they're being summoned?

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