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Feb 9, 2021, 10:20 AM 113 read

Next is Artifact... Goodbye Artifact Lounge...✌️

I was always interesting in card games when I was young, I never got into one because of the old card collecting and competitions which I don't remember doing to good in... Then one day some moot news talked about Artifact... With Valve the creators, the same company that made TF2 and Half-Life, it seem like a interesting game... Back then the game was in beta they had in event where they were giving out beta keys whick were like code to type in to get the free on steam... Some streamers had extra keys, even the company game out free keys online sometimes... It was a crazy time back then... I was luck to get one from this website... Lot's of people were ready to play the game... And it launched then later on it went down hill... There was several bugs in the game, people didn't like this one card gave a 50% for units to live or die and of course the RNG... Lots of people left including popular streamers, which official made it a dead game... It's was hard to find matches plus you had to buy your pack and and some cards were worth $100 in the steam market... Last I check there was an Artifact 2.0... I didn't play it... I don't think valve drop the game, there trying to still improve it... I'm kinda glad to got involved in the community, even though the hyped died a whole lot... When someone says a game is dead if it doesn't die like Artifact then it's not considered dead... Rip Artifact, you probably won't be missed...✌️

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    Who told you?