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Oct 2, 2018, 03:35 PM 499 read

Apparently, you get one hero for each pack

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I was reading through posts in Reddit, and the details for the draft mode dropped. Here's what I found interesting. When players draft packs, which share same structure as a real pack, they are guaranteed exactly one hero. "Exactly one hero" probably means that we won't be able to pull heroes more than one card. People in the comments are discussing whether this could potentially lower the price of hero cards or not. Any thoughts?   I'll leave the link down below:

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  • Ko0lKidK1lla LV.19 Super Star Oct 2, 2018, 03:47 PM

    I like the idea of getting one hero per pack. It's a nice transition to make draft run smoothly. Although, by simple calculation, it isn't likely to lower the price of hero cards. The number of hero cards alone takes up more than 15% of the total card pool, making one hero per pack limit a disadvantage for players who wish to pull more heroes by exceeding the number of 1/12.

  • Vojin Dzeletovic verified LV.24 Epic Oct 2, 2018, 04:07 PM

    Also, what's notable is that 5 packs will be needed to play draft gauntlet, meaning the entry fee will be at least 10 dollars.

  • Truof LV.21 Champion Oct 2, 2018, 05:36 PM

    I only hope I don't pull any duplicates 😂