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Artifact Poised to Revitalize the Virtual Card Game Genre

A little over a year ago Valve announced Artifact. The announcement piqued my interest and speculations about what it would include started growing. I played a lot of hearthstone, but quit shortly after the release of "Whispers of the Old Gods." I quit playing because the RNG element started to take a painful majority across all matches. The signs that Hearthstone was moving away from "skill" to more rng started around Goblins Vs Gnomes and WotOG was the last straw for me. I'll check out the development between each expansion occasionally, but nothing seems to have changed for the better.

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So when Gabe walked on stage and revealed Artifact, I became bewildered. I wanted to know more and see if this will help scratch my card game itch. The best part about what sold me on the game was that Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, would be working on the new franchise. I have a history of MTG and still play till this day, and it's because of this I was on the hearthstone train to begin with. So when I heard THE Richard Garfield is working on it, I knew this game is in for something big.   Artifact is getting closer to it's release, and now we have more information with video gameplay. From what I have seen I can already recognize some similarities to other card games. However, Artifact's core mechanics and overall design creates a huge difference that sets it apart. Needless to say one of the biggest draws for me is the sprinkle of RNG they've added vs the pouring rain present in Hearthstone. I only hope they keep it that way and don't increasingly add more RNG elements to cards as time goes on. If that ends up being the case then I guess I will return to MTG Arena. All that aside, I'm really hype for this to release.   I suggest you check out the link below if you want to know more about Artifact.

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  • Halil Berau LV.22 Let’s play Blackout! Sep 6, 2018, 01:58 PM

    If you don't like RNG elements, what do you think about creeps being spawned in 3 lanes randomly?

  • Malted LV.21 S Sep 6, 2018, 02:08 PM

    If I had the choice of making a card game I would try to incorporate to as little RNG as possible. Though I'm not fond of the random creep spawn or the random attack directions, it sure as hell beats having to deal with the RNG in Hearthstone.

  • Halil Berau LV.22 Let’s play Blackout! Sep 6, 2018, 02:15 PM

    Most of the time, RNG does ruin the fun, though It's a shame that RNG elements are naturally incorporated in card games.

  • Malted LV.21 S Sep 6, 2018, 02:36 PM

    It really is a shame, the card draw RNG will always be present. That's what makes a card game a card game though.

  • Ko0lKidK1lla LV.19 Super Star Sep 6, 2018, 02:01 PM

    I've never had a chance to play MTG to be honest, but I've never really been this hyped before. Thank you for the great post.

  • Malted LV.21 S Sep 6, 2018, 02:11 PM

    No problem! Thanks for reading