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Artifact - Spells

Spells are a type of Artifact card that makes up the majority of a Deck, and are played in the Action Phase of a round. They can summon creatures, buff and debuff enemy cards, deal Damage and destroy Units. They are primary avenue for interacting with the current lane, and in rare cases, the whole board.   Every spell has an associated Mana Cost which must be paid from your pool of Mana to cast the spell.

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Sometimes, they cost more than Mana. This card will condemn hero immediately, but you have to discard a random card.     There is a thing you should concern. You can only cast spells in a lane with a Hero of the corresponding color in play. For example, if you do not control any hero in a lane, you may not cast any spells in that lane.

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In this case, you can only play green spell cards.   And, as I told you before, we have Signature Spell cards. These spell cards have a hero icon marked on the bottom right corner of their art, indicating that they are the signature spell of a hero. These signature spell cards show identity of heroes.

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You can see the icon of Bristleback, that means, this card belongs to Bristleback.   Again, Thank you for reading. Tomorrow is finally PAXWest. See you there!    

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