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Artifact - Items

I planned to post about spells before, but I changed my plan.   There are several types of items in Artifact. Each type does something different, so being aware of these differences can substantially improve your long-term strategy planning.   You can purchase item with gold at the shop, but also can be acquired through other means.   We have 3 kinds of item. Hero Items, Consumables, Secret Shop Item.   And most important thing is, of course, Hero items. There will likely form the bulk of your deck. These Items can be equipped to your hero of choice, granting passive bonuses to the hero. The items often grant a special skill that can be used by hero. Like this.

Artifact: General - Artifact - Items image 2

  Accessory - Raises your hero health and grants boosts to survivability. Can often grant defensive bonuses.

Artifact: General - Artifact - Items image 4

Armor - Grants additional armor to your hero. These items can also buff or debuff your enemy heroes.

Artifact: General - Artifact - Items image 6

Weapon - Gives your hero additional damage, usually by directly increasing the damage dealt. Additional benefits can be gained through passive skills.

Artifact: General - Artifact - Items image 8

  Consumables are simple. These items can heal, grant you additional cards through drawing or searching through the deck, etc. Of course After using it, it will be discarded.

Artifact: General - Artifact - Items image 10

  And last, Secret Shop Items. There items are typically special in nature and offer effects.

Artifact: General - Artifact - Items image 12

Powerful, Huh? There are not much information about Secret Shop items. The certain thing is you can get it from shop.   If you have any question, please comment below. Thank you for reading!

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