Just Nathan Just Nathan LV.29 Dragon
May 8, 2019, 01:37 PM 1,659 read

No More Post Not Relating To Artifact, Let It Rest In Peace...

Sadly the hype for Artifact had died down, the peak fan base won't be back any time soon, There is a post where they touch on the state of the game, if your interested in knowing then it's the next post after this... Suck to not see this game not meet up with the expectations it was has aiming for for a Online Trading Card Game (OTCG) but to some people, it had its good moments... Since I'm the only mod to lurks here and there on this Lounge, if I see any random post that don't relate to artifact at all then I will move that post to Off Topic myself, don't waste a post here if you know it's not about this game... Rest in Peace Artifact, yo gave moment some good moments throughtout your presence of arrival, Hopefully you rise like a phoenix and come back better...


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