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Artifact - Items

I planned to post about spells before, but I changed my plan.
There are several types of items in Artifact. Each type does something different, so being aware of these differences can substantially improve your long-term strategy planning.
You can purchase item with gold at the shop, but also can be acquired through other means.
We have 3 kinds of item. Hero Items, Consumables, Secret Shop Item.
And most important thing is, of course, Hero items. There will likely form the bulk of your deck. These Items can be equipped to your hero of choice, granting passive bonuses to the hero. The items often grant a special skill that can be used by hero. Like this.
Accessory - Raises your hero health and grants boosts to survivability. Can often grant defensive bonuses.
Armor - Grants additional armor to your hero. These items can also buff or debuff your enemy heroes.
Weapon - Gives your hero additional damage, usually by directly increasing the damage dealt. Additional benefits can be gained through passive skills.
Consumables are simple. These items can heal, grant you additional cards through drawing or searching through the deck, etc. Of course After using it, it will be discarded.
And last, Secret Shop Items. There items are typically special in nature and offer effects.
Powerful, Huh? There are not much information about Secret Shop items. The certain thing is you can get it from shop.
If you have any question, please comment below. Thank you for reading!

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Artifact teaser reaction

It has more than 10 times number of dislike than that of like. I've never seen the video like this, which has too much dislike - like ratio. But now gamers' mind have been changed. What do you think about it?

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There will be no ladder system. Instead, we will have tournament.

“We don’t want to do a ladder,” Barnett said. “We’re experimenting with different systems that are more tournament-oriented rather than ladder-oriented. The idea is that if you want a competitive experience, you get a more self-enclosed experience. A good inspiration we have is that Dota has these Battle Cups. Every Saturday you get to play in a single elimination tournament, and if you win you’re done. We feel that those experiences are better for people who actually want to try something out, it allows them to explore something. They know how many matches they have to play and win, which is much better than just playing this infinite grind that doesn’t really get you anywhere.”
I can't judge it now good or not, but I think this is good. This system will make Artifact more strategically. It will give rise to METAs. I think I should clear my calendar for every saturday!

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More information will be revealed at PAXWest

You may know about it if you are interested in and watching every leagues of Dota 2. At Dota 2 TI8, Gabe newell announced that a lot of info will be revealed about Artifact at PAXWest. He also said that everyone attending TI8 will receive a copy of Artifact and beta access which will begin in October. And the game keys at PAXWest will also grant beta access. About beta, beta will be released at October, and players can compete through tournaments.
You can see his annoucement below, and I can't wait to see more about this game!

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New player guide to general TCG terms

It's good for a newbie :D

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HL3 will come after Artifact!?

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Artifact videos

I found awesome Artifact Youtube channel!
A Biggner's guide:
Hero previews:
- Rix:
- Sorla Khan:
- Luna:

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Artifact comes to Steam in November!

Valve really is releasing games again. The company will publishing its next game, the digital card game Artifact, on Nov. 28 via Steam.
Artifact will be released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in November, Valve said in a news release Wednesday. A version for Android and iOS devices is scheduled for sometime in 2019. Artifact will cost $19.99.
Valve further unveils Artifact, its new Dota 2-themed card game
Attendees at PAX West 2018 in Seattle will get a chance to try out the game early. Artifactwill have its first public showing at the convention, which takes place Aug. 31 to Sept. 3. At PAX, players will battle each other in a single-elimination tournament for a chance to “challenge a champion on the main stage,” according to Valve. Players will earn Artifact merchandise and earn two keys for free copies of the game when it’s released.
Valve announced Artifact at least year’s The International. The digital card game is based on the world of Dota 2, Valve’s popular online battle arena game, and was designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Artifact will ship with more than 280 cards, which players will be able to buy and sell through Steam’s marketplace.

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Valve’s Dota 2-based card game sure isn’t Hearthstone

Artifact takes the collectible card game DNA established by Magic: The Gathering and forms it around MOBA traditions like lanes and shops. It has a lot going on. In terms of systems, Artifact makes Hearthstone look like a “my first card game” experience.
I noticed some things that Artifact does better than Hearthstone. The first few turns are more interesting. You start with heroes and creeps already in play, so you’re making important decisions from the start. In Dota 2, heroes are the player characters, while creeps are the weaker, computer-controlled creatures. They have a similar power distribution in Artifiact, with heroes being much stronger but less plentiful than creeps. All of the heroes are based off characters from Dota 2.
You also have three game boards to worry about. Each one is a battle against your opponent to destroy their tower while defending your own. This is another idea taken from MOBAs, where destroying enemy towers is a big key to success. In Artifact, destroying two of your enemy’s three towers nets you a victory. So you have this element of strategy that goes beyond hoping for lucky card draws. Which lanes do you want to focus on? Is it worth conceding one board so you can focus on another?
Even if one tower falls, you can’t just abandon that board. A destroyed tower turns into an ancient, which has 80 health instead of the tower’s 40. Killing a single ancient wins the match. So you can concede a lane to your opponent, but you can’t leave it so defenseless that the opponent can kill your ancient.
Even outside of having three boards, Artifact has a lot of differences compared to Hearthstone. It has no limit to the amount of cards you can have in your hand (sorry, mill fans) or in your deck. It doesn’t even limit the amount of maximum mana or the number of minions you can have on the board.
Turns themselves are different than how they work in Hearthstone. You don’t just use as many cards as you want and then pass the baton to your opponent. Each turn, you can either play a card or pass. If you play a card, your opponent has a chance to play. Minions only attack once both players have passed their turn without playing anything. This means that each play has the chance to be countered, and it also limits how much a player can do without giving their opponent a chance to retaliate.
The differences between Artifact and Hearthstone keep piling on. Sure, Artifact also has spells, but it also has cards that impact boards with ongoing effects. These could give your characters an attack boost each round, or they could let you deal 4 damage to a targeted enemy each round.
Artifact doesn’t have classes like Hearthstone. Like Magic: The Gathering, heroes belong to one of four colors: blue, red, black, or green. Spells also belong to one of these colors, and you can’t use a spell of a certain color unless you have a corresponding hero on that board. So if you want to cast a blue spell, you need to have a blue hero on that lane. It adds another element of strategy when deciding where to place your heroes.
While Hearthstone’s decks can only contain neutral cards or ones from a single class, you can mix and match Artifact’s colors any way you want (again, like Magic). You can have an all blue deck, or even one with all four colors (probably not a great idea, but you can do it).
Deckbuilding is also different. Hearthstone has you making a deck of 30 cards. Artifact is more open, but it does have guidelines. You have to have at least 40 cards, but then you can have as many more than that as you want. But you can only have 5 hero cards, so your other cards will be spells, shop cards, and other non-hero ones.
The shop cards themselves are another distinct element for Artifact carried over from MOBA traditions. Killing enemies gives you gold. After a round, you can spend gold to buy cards from the shop. These are things like armor and weapons for heroes that will increase their health and attack power. Cards you buy with gold don’t cost any mana to use, unlike normal spells.
Then is Artifact superior to Hearthstone in all parts? I can not say yes. They have their own unique fun and playing pattern. I think Artifact is like chess, and Hearthstone is like poker. Artifact features its tactical contents(3 lanes, creeps, heroes and so on) but has no random events now. Someday same thing will be happened what AlphaGo did in Artifact LOL. I just mean each card games have own features so gamers can choose their favorites.

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Artifact : Heroes

PAXWest is only 2 days left! We don’t have much time left, I would like to talk about deck’s core, Heroes.
When you build a deck, you can only add 5 hero card per deck since heroes are a player’s strongest card in the game. Heroes have its own special ability, and if a hero dies, it returns to the Fountain for two turns and you can deploy the hero again. Plus, if you buy an item at shopping phase and put it own your hero’s card, no one in the field will be able to compete against him.
I don’t want to see this at opponent field!
Limit of hero cards make us think a lot. But, we also have to concern about hero’s signature card. Each hero has 3 copies of signature card necessarily. And these signature cards are a part of 40 cards, so 15 cards are chosen by Heroes. That means, your deck will be affected by them a lot.
And we need to concern about hero’s color. There are 4 kinds of color, Black, Red, Green, and Blue. Black cards focus on slaying enemy heroes and capitalizing on the gold gain to snow ball their early lead. Red cards are well stated units that aim to crush the opponent in the early game. Green cards are the support set of cards, summoning creatures and buffing them to overwhelm the opponent. Blue cards are the control set of cards, making heroes weak. Your deck will have completely different type depend on your heroes. Plus, You can play spell only If your hero card are on lane and it have a same color.
Unlike hearthstone, Artifact can mix our heroes. Finding a balance between colors will be the core of deck building.
I will post about spell next time. Thank you for reading!

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Artifact VS Hearthstone

Just for fun. I like both of them :)

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Artifact, How the game flows.

At Dota 2 TI8, Gabe announced that more information about Artifact will be revealed at PAXWest. I’m sure many of you are looking forward to Artifact. At least I do. But If you don’t know how the game flow, you would have no fun about incoming information at PAXWest. So I would like to let you know about this game. And also about what is different between Hearthstone.
First, unlike Hearthstone, this game has 3 boards. Left Lane, Mid Lane, Right Lane. Yeah, just like AOS game. Also each lane has a tower. You can consider this as Hearthstone’s hero. So we have 3 hero with 40hp! It will take a lot of my brain to control all 3 lanes. Each lane has also mana to deploy unit. You have to choose card, and where to use it to take benefit. It’s up to you!
A turn is composed of a Round, a Shopping phase, a Hero Deployment. And a round is composed of 3 phases. Pre-Action phase, Action phase, Combat phase. Umm, This pic would help you.
At first round, we are in Pre-Action phase. 1 hero card is randomly placed on each lane and 3 creeps are randomly placed among the 3 lanes. And we draw 5 cards only at first Pre-Action, after draw 2 cards. Then we are on Action phase. We can cost mana to deploy card. These card will be used to attack for the next action phase to the opponent. At last, Combat phase. We can see the difference between Hearthstone here. Depending on the location of the unit, it is determined which unit to hit. You can hit only the unit in front of you. If you don’t have opponent unit, your unit will hit the tower. You can get gold by killing opponent unit(Creep : 1 gold, Hero : 5 gold.) And we can use this gold at Shopping phase.
After Rounds, It’s Shopping phase. Apart from drawing cards from deck, you can buy item cards here. For example, you can buy Blink dagger, and this can be equipped to your hero. Now your hero got +2 damage and ability to move other lane. As you can see, this can change field a lot. So take golds as much as you can.
And now, last of turn, Hero Deployment. First, 2 creeps will be placed randomly among the 3 lanes. Then you can deploy available heroes among the 3 lanes. You can deploy all heroes, or not. Then our turn is finally over.
To achieve victory, you can destroy 2 enemy’s tower, or 1 enemy’s tower and 1 ancient. Be aware, Ancient has 80HP. You can concentrate all your power on 1 lane to destroy ancient, or you can control whole fields to destroy 2 towers. It’s up to you.
I will post about revealed cards later. This is my first post about Artifact, so if something is wrong, write it below! Thank you for reading!

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Artifact official website has been updated.

4 kinds of decks are revealed. Cant wait it!

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