Would you be interested in watching Artifact Animated Short?

Just like how Blizzard does for heroes in Overwatch and Hearthstone, if Valve ever made an animated short, would you care to watch? Btw, D.Va is love, D.Va is waifu... I mean life Lol

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Artifact is still getting skeptical views from people online

I know the sample's too small to say that it indicates anything significant, but one thing I know for sure is that there are still people that don't like what they're seeing from Artifact. Look how the number of likes and dislikes are almost on a par with each other. So far, Artifact has shown me only the good side of what TCGs are supposed to be, and I really can't say anything negative about Artifact. Nonetheless, I'm just afraid that it won't live up its hype that it's generating now once it's released.

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Is there a button to forfeit the game?

The title says it all.

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There you go, a video on every card in artifact so far since Pax...


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What does the button "hold" do in the shopping phase?

I'm looking through gameplays and suddenly became curious of what "hold" button does in the shopping phase. Do I get a gold for holding items until the next shopping phase? or do I have to pay a gold for it? What happens if I just click on the button which the imp is holding and skip the phase?

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Only 79 more days before the official release!

Prepare for battle my friends!

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Would you be interested in purchasing rare cards in the market?

Even if Valve is planning to avoid the prices of cards going through the roof, there's no guarantee that every card will stay at an affordable price. In time, every game forms a certain meta, and I assure you, it will make players crave for the best card. Especially when more cards are added into the pool, making it more difficult to pull the exact card you want, players' demand for a certain card will exceed supply in the market. That's when you'll see a crazy amount of money going back and forth among players. I even assume that there will be players dedicated only to the market seeking arbitrage opportunities. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than what I think it is worth, but I'll never know for sure until the game comes out.

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Has anyone ever considered playing Gwent?

Gwent is a Free 2 Play Trading card game, which derived from The Witcher series. I know it isn't really related to Artifact, but I'm only writing here because there are no other lounges concerning TCGs. Here's a video If anyone's interested.

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"Go To" Sites

Is there a list of sites or known top sites for all things Artifact? Similar to how hearthpwn is to Hearthstone, are there any like that for Artifact? If the site has things like deck analysis, codex, theory crafting, card spoilers, etc that would be better.

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How much would you pay for a beta key?

I'm constantly tempted to buy one from Ebay, and my patience is running out. If you are certain that you're not being scammed, how much would you pay? I'm willing to pay no more than $60.

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Coup de Grace

Condemn a hero. Discard a random card
As you requested.

LV.20 RIP 1year

Rebel Decoy

Swap Rebel Decoy with another ally.

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I'm bringing my friends over

Since there are three boards to play with, I'm thinking it would be interesting to make friends play each of the boards just so I can win against other players. Lol just kidding.

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For those who still have questions about Artifact...

Hope this helps everyone...

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The Artifact podcast Ep. 1 Happening now! Greeeat!

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Thunder God's Wrath

Deal 4 piercing damage to each enemy hero in all lanes
Static Field (Reactive Ability)
Deals 1 Piercing damage to Zeus' enemy neighbors after you play a blue spell

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So cute

and it's a perfect loop!

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How do I get access to the game?

Is there a way to get codes by pre-ordering? Dota 2 International 8 badge owners all received a code. Any other way to get a code or is it still locked for press?

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Am I the only one who doesn't like the design of the board?

I really like all the other features, but man does this board design look tedious or what? I know that even the board designs are based on Dota 2, but It looks way too generic and boring. Wish they could have made it more realistic, so I could feel that I'm actually playing cards. Valve could have hired better designers with all the steam money.

LV.21 Champion 1year

Would Artifact support multi monitors to see all 3 lanes at once?

It would be a waste to see only a board at a time when you have 3 or monitors to see all boards at once. Did Valve say anything about this? Has anyone asked this feature to be included in the game to the developers?

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My favorite card art in the game

I never liked him in Dota 2, but damn, Chen's looking so badass in Artifact.

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Which colors would you be using in your deck?

Personally, I would go for Red/ Green deck. Red heroes' powerful stats combined with green heroes' abilities would build a giant wall which no players can easily penetrate. Would like to try blue cards too because Meepo is my favorite hero.

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On what date does the beta start?

I heard that the game comes out in November. Would definitely want to try the game for myself beforehand. When does the beta start? Will it be available for all players?

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Am I the only one who wants real life Artifact cards?

Srsly, I don't give a shit about pulling rare cards online. Digital cards blows.
If I'm paying for the cards, I need to touch and play with them.
Valve needs to print out physical cards fast, or else I'll go nuts and freak out.

LV.22 S 1year

The only thing that's keeping me away from playing Artifact

is that I'm always not good enough to win against other players. Not only Artifact but also other pvp games make me think I'm slower than other people. No matter how many hours I spend playing and practicing, I can't even reach an average level of gaming. Even just thinking about battling a person gets me nauseated. Sometimes it feels so frustrating because there are certain games I would like try, buy I never fail to be not good at it. Artifact, for instance, looks really cool and all, but it's hard for me to even keep up with all the card names, effects and rules, not to mention the fact that there are three lanes. Then why bother coming to the lounge? Idk I just couldn't bear the fact that I won't be able to play and enjoy like other people do.

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What other TCGs can I play before Artifact comes out?

I have no experience in playing TCGs, and my friends are all hyped about this game being released on November. All of my friends have years of experience in multiple card games, but I've only started to learn a thing or two about how fun they are.
One thing I know is that Hearthstone has been successful for the past years. Is playing Hearthstone a good idea for me to get used to TCGs? Are there any other TCGs I should try out before Artifact so that I can prepare for what's coming?

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Artifact Poised to Revitalize the Virtual Card Game Genre

A little over a year ago Valve announced Artifact. The announcement piqued my interest and speculations about what it would include started growing. I played a lot of hearthstone, but quit shortly after the release of "Whispers of the Old Gods." I quit playing because the RNG element started to take a painful majority across all matches. The signs that Hearthstone was moving away from "skill" to more rng started around Goblins Vs Gnomes and WotOG was the last straw for me. I'll check out the development between each expansion occasionally, but nothing seems to have changed for the better.
So when Gabe walked on stage and revealed Artifact, I became bewildered. I wanted to know more and see if this will help scratch my card game itch. The best part about what sold me on the game was that Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, would be working on the new franchise. I have a history of MTG and still play till this day, and it's because of this I was on the hearthstone train to begin with. So when I heard THE Richard Garfield is working on it, I knew this game is in for something big.
Artifact is getting closer to it's release, and now we have more information with video gameplay. From what I have seen I can already recognize some similarities to other card games. However, Artifact's core mechanics and overall design creates a huge difference that sets it apart. Needless to say one of the biggest draws for me is the sprinkle of RNG they've added vs the pouring rain present in Hearthstone. I only hope they keep it that way and don't increasingly add more RNG elements to cards as time goes on. If that ends up being the case then I guess I will return to MTG Arena. All that aside, I'm really hype for this to release.
I suggest you check out the link below if you want to know more about Artifact.

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Are there any means of obtaining cards inside the game?

I play Dota 2, and Artifact seems like a good game to start TCG with.
It's unfortunate that I won't be able to spend much money on this since I'm still a student. Surely, I will purchase $20 launch pack, but It's hard enough for me to keep up with everything else. Other than purchasing booster packs, can you obtain cards depending on how well you do in the game? Will they give out free cards for players every once in a while?

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Has anyone had a chance to get a hand on beta keys

Search Artifact on Twitter. You could try for giveaways.
I myself haven't had luck so far...

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This is how I would look like once I get to play Artifact

Anyone else?

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