Would a refund be available?

Clearly, it is stated in Steam Refunds that they offer refund on games that are purchased within two weeks and played less than two hours.
Also, what's notable is that they offer refunds on in-game purchases. However, if the in-game items are consumed, we won't be able to get refunds apparently.
My question is that do booster packs in $20 pack count as in-game items? Technically, they are part of the full game we are purchasing, and I'd like to think we have every rights to call for a refund even if booster packs are already unsealed. What are your thoughts?

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I was in a shop today which had many TCGs available

I used to be very keen on a few TCGs when I was younger, had huge physical collections of about 4 different card games, all of which I played seriously with friends.

I stood, glancing at the different booster packs and decks of various games, some of which were what I used to play. I was overcome with all sorts of emotion, reminiscing over opening card packs and having a beautiful collection, the pride of deck building, and the rest of the nuances that come with the hobby.

Dude I just want to play Artifact


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I tried Shadowverse, and it was way worse than I thought

I saw a post a few days ago saying how Shadowverse is just Hearthstone with anime like characters. I don't know what I was expecting, but that is exactly what it was. With disappointment, I deleted it right after a few matches. It's basically a rip off from hearthstone. Everything's the same except for cheap anime design. Artifact is all I have now.

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What would be the rates for me to pull a rare card?

There are four kinds of known rarities. Basic, Common, Uncommon, and Rare. Basic cards are what you get for buying a $20 pack, and the rest are included in booster packs. You're guaranteed to pull at least one rare card in a booster pack which means it's possible to pull more than one. There are 280 cards in total, but we don't yet have information on what number of cards are in the each pool of rarities. Not a lot of things can be inferred from this, but I would assume the drop rates for the rare cards are significantly lower than n/280(with n being the number of rare cards in total). What do you think?

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I am waiting for L4D, HL, TF, Portal cards to come out

Realistically speaking, they would never allow other games to invade Artifact not even games from Valve themselves. But just for fun, I'd like to see special edition booster packs that have all the other games from Valve in cards. It's the least thing they could do for us waiting for sequels. 😂

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Interview with Richard Garfield

I found this great article interviewing Richard on the conception of Artifact and what inspired him. Definitely a good read:
The most interesting point to me in the article is how Richard felt about electronic card games. In short, he says that he felt the current popular online card games are too simple. He would play a game of MTG and have a board of 30 creature tokens that cannot be replicated on screen. Essentially that's what drove him to make Artifact as complicated as it is, cause he wants to replicate the same feeling of playing on paper in the virtual world.
There was a part in the article that confused me a bit. I remember reading something a while back stating how Dota wasn't needed to create Artifact. Richard had already came up with the idea for his online card game, Dota characters and lore just happened to be a good fit. The article says Dota was a big influence to Artifact... so I'm guessing the older information is wrong?

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Is anyone thinking of streaming once the game is available?

Pretty sure a lot of players(including HS streamers) will start streaming when the beta begins. I don't know how many of you have access to the beta, but I would gladly watch you guys play. I'm tempted to do it myself, but at the same time, I'm afraid of being judged by the anonymous 😨 It doesn't mean I'm going to give up on streaming for good though. Once I reach a certain level and start to think I'm good enough to show my play to others, I'll let you guys know. 😂😂😂

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Heroes hold onto equipped items even in their death

Let's just say there's a spell that allows you to duplicate designated/random heroes. what would happen to their items when they are duplicated? Meepo, for instance, is able to duplicate himself. Once, the duplicate is deployed, would it have the same item which the original had in the item slot?

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I'm pissed that there's still no update to the official website

It's been 10 days since PAX West, and I don't see anything being updated so far.
The Official Twitter promised us more beta keys. Still no update on Twitter and certainly not on Steam.
I'm not trying to criticize Valve for not taking any actions. I'm just tired of reading and watching same thing over and over again.

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A question about Meepo's signature card

When you summon another Meepo through its signature card, do you get to choose where to deploy him? It seems a little vague saying "Summon a Meepo," since it could mean that a Meepo could be summoned randomly just like how creeps are summoned each round.

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Only 76 days more...

I need to find an oasis called Artifact.

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What do you think of Tabletop experience in VR?

Do you think it's worthless to invent a card game in VR? Would you rather play Artifact just how you would normally play Online TCGs? I'm curious to know if game developers are interested in making a VR Card game to recreate what you would experience in real life. Also, it's interesting to note that it's possible to socialize in between a match. Waste of money? Unnecessary technology for developing TCGs? Any thoughts?

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Will Artifact Outpace Hearthstone?

I was reading this article about Artifact potentially beating Hearthstone. Do I think it can beat Hearthstone? Yes I do. Will it? Hard to say, simply because of the complexity of the game. Someone who is familiar with card games can just look at Artifact vs Hearthstone and determine Artifact is way more complicated. I fear this complexity and overall length time of the game might turn a lot of players off from continuing to play the game. Especially if they already have invested in Hearthstone.
The reason why I say Artifact has a chance at overtaking Hearthstone is because I believe Hearthstone is in a terrible state right now and is only getting worse. Artifact has this opportunity to capitalize on all the disgruntled players like me and have me investing my time into their game. My other biggest worry is the card economy, no in-game currency that can be earned by just playing. You need to pay every time you want more cards. This could be a big barrier to entry for most players. However, Magic the Gathering Online (the OG in online TCG), has proven that there are passionate players out there willing to fork over tons of cash into the virtual counterpart. I would rather spend the same amount of money to get physical cards over virtual ones.
If none of what I just mentioned doesn't bother you then it's safe to say you'll enjoy Artifact. Otherwise Artifact could use a little something extra to catch up and pull ahead of Hearthstone and their freemium platform.

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Interesting words from Richard Garfield

I was reading an interview from PCGamesN. Here's what he said.
RG "I think people who first look at the game might think of a game like Hearthstone, and think it’s far more complex than they’re used to. But look at a game like StarCraft – that’s got broad appeal, from very serious players to very casual players, and it is very complicated. People can handle that. It’s a matter of whether this is a fun game space to explore, and whether you’ve done a good job of explaining the game state to players. Which I think Valve has done. So I think when they begin experiencing it, it’s going to be in a different place than they’re used to."
He's explaining here that players will experience different things from Artifact but will eventually adapt to and enjoy the game. Jeep Barnett, one of the developers in the very same interview stated that the game appeals to "people on so many different levels." He also said that he watched children enjoying the game. Could it mean that there's a possibility that Valve's actually trying to make Artifact a game that every people in every age can enjoy?

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Urghhh Why is so hard to earn a beta key

I've been participating all of the giveaways I had my eyes on. I followed every twitter, twitch, facebook and RTd, left a comment, reblogged and everything, but I don't got a key on ma hand.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Just gimme the god damn fckn key or I'm gonna head bang myself to death.

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A custom card I made just for fun

The One and Only
*Ensures an absolute victory.
Of course, it wouldn't at all be fun if there were cards like this in actual gameplay.

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Ever thought of building a mono color deck?

I'm looking to build a mono red. Typically, red heroes have higher stats, creating a defensive wall which is hard to penetrate. Red spell and ability cards don't seem to cost a lot of mana, and many are useful. I do think green creeps are better than the red tbh.

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I'm struggling to understand some card effects here

I saw a post yesterday explaining what Time of Triumph does. The thing is, I'm aware that cards have Attack, Armor and Health. then what are Cleave, Retaliate and Siege?

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The more I watch, the less I'd like to play Artifact

Don't know where all the excitements are coming from, but the game looks boring as hell. It doesn't look as dynamic as Hearthstone, and playing three boards at once makes players suffer unnecessary labor. 30 minutes just to play a single game? That's boring and puts everyone to sleep. $20 just to play a game? What a rip-off. Hearthstone is free to play. I guarantee once the game comes out, no one's going to put up with its bullshit mechanics and graphics. Stop wasting your time on this plz.

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Every day I spend waiting for this game feels longer and longer


Hearthstone isn't cutting it
Shadowverse is just Hearthstone on Monster with anime involved
I can't even bring myself to try Elder Scrolls Legends

Valve please

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What I would really want to see in this game

is 3d animated units on the board when summoned. It was always my dream to see cards fighting in sword to sword, not just clashing in the halfway between. Don't you wish to see your favorite cards in action rather than just lying around the board? For sure, Valve has enough resources to make this happen, but clearly I can see that they are not interested.

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Echo slam

Deal damage to each enemy equal to the number of enemies

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Possible Ideas for team modes

I don't have anything against the matches being only one on one, but I thought it would be nice to change the game up a bit by coming up with ideas for a team match. Since giving three boards to each of the players seems too complicated, it would make more sense to distribute them evenly to each player.
1) 2 vs 2
I would suggest players have two boards each, making a total of 4 boards in a match instead of three. Each player will control two lanes on his/her side. Also, players will be able to help his/her teammate and can affect any lane depending on the card's effect. Here's how it would look like.
2) 3 vs 3
Since there already are three boards to begin with, each player can take hold of one lane. The rest is the same as the 2 vs 2.
3) Taking turns
If more than 6 people wish to play a single match, they would take turns to play each round. Unfortunately, it means sharing a single deck is inevitable, but as more players join the match, it could turn out more interestingly.

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Story mode not included?!?!!

Alright I'm outta here.

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Would be nice to see a story mode included

Mostly, TCGs are all about playing pvp, but a story mode adds another color to the game. From what I heard, Artifact will have a single player mode, but Valve isn't interested in making campaigns for it. Hearthstone has an adventure mode. Gwent's story mode is on the way, and even TES: Legends has one. If Valve could build a story mode that kicks ass that'd be great.

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Any insights on what kind of grinding elements they will put into the game?

GabeN already stated that there will be no ladder, but you gotta at least give some credit for hours of playing, am I right? They say tournaments will be held once the game is available, but in my opinion, they aren't really good incentives. What good is a medal that says you won some random tournament with random players? The real medal of honor shines when you face opponents that are worthy of. Without certain rating system, the game is bound to go down for sure.

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Do you think it's useless for Valve to develop Artifact for PS4 and XBOX ONE?

Would it be a waste of resources for Valve to develop Artifact for additional platforms? Personally, I own all current generation of consoles and a decent PC, but I'm sure there are people with not enough money to own one that meets the minimum requirements of the game. Since video game consoles cost less than buying a PC, wouldn't it bring in more potential players to the game, making it more profitable?

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Everyone here's talking about how the game would turnout in its release

And I'm sitting here waiting for the mobile version to come out...

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Time of Triumph

Modify allied heroes with +4 Attack, +4 Armor, +4 Health, +4 Cleave, +4 Retaliate, and +4 Siege

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Steam Cannon

Deal 4 piercing damage to a unit in any lane.

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