Will Artifact Outpace Hearthstone?

I was reading this article about Artifact potentially beating Hearthstone. Do I think it can beat Hearthstone? Yes I do. Will it? Hard to say, simply because of the complexity of the game. Someone who is familiar with card games can just look at Artifact vs Hearthstone and determine Artifact is way more complicated. I fear this complexity and overall length time of the game might turn a lot of players off from continuing to play the game. Especially if they already have invested in Hearthstone.
The reason why I say Artifact has a chance at overtaking Hearthstone is because I believe Hearthstone is in a terrible state right now and is only getting worse. Artifact has this opportunity to capitalize on all the disgruntled players like me and have me investing my time into their game. My other biggest worry is the card economy, no in-game currency that can be earned by just playing. You need to pay every time you want more cards. This could be a big barrier to entry for most players. However, Magic the Gathering Online (the OG in online TCG), has proven that there are passionate players out there willing to fork over tons of cash into the virtual counterpart. I would rather spend the same amount of money to get physical cards over virtual ones.
If none of what I just mentioned doesn't bother you then it's safe to say you'll enjoy Artifact. Otherwise Artifact could use a little something extra to catch up and pull ahead of Hearthstone and their freemium platform.

LV.21 S 5 months ago