This is funny, but I hope most of this doesn't happen to me...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

Lukas Blohon to win 10K from winning the tournament

Hmm... I can't see the point of giving out such a large amount of money for winning a tournament that nobody ever had access to except for closed beta players. Congrats to Lukas Blohon anyway.

verified LV.24 Epic 1year

MTGA is surprisingly getting a lot of attention

Honestly, I've never expected this. People seem to giving a lot of attention to it, and it seems the most are genuinely enjoying the game. I know it's absurd, but it's constantly giving me an impression that it could potentially drive Artifact out of the market.

LV.20 RIP 1year

Reddit posts are giving out free keys.

Most of them are fake keys, but considering that there were comments thanking the op on some of the posts, it seems some of them were real. I wasn't fast enough to grab one. Did anybody else had any luck?

verified LV.24 Epic 1year

Look what Valve have made players do

Really? Beta Key Mail?🤣 It's only work of a cheap photoshop, but clearly this made my day😂

LV.19 Super Star 1year

Artifact is unusually quiet these days

I thought people were going to hype over the beta being open in October, but there's still no news about it at all. I know this lounge isn't even close to one of the most active Artifact communities, but even people in Artifact subreddit seem to be exhausted of continuous waiting. Nothing creative and fun is being posted, but only complaints how they didn't get the key are everywhere. This somehow feels like the calm before the storm.

LV.21 Champion 1year

There's going to be a tournament this weekend

Sadly, it is only for closed beta players, and Valve is not likely to allow it to be streamed on Twitch.

LV.19 Super Star 1year

Wish I could go back in time to attend PAX

Surely, I had the time and money to do so, but I always thought there would be plenty more opportunities in the future to get my hands on beta keys. Also, there was a guy who tried to sell the key for $50. I thought it was way overpriced, so I foolishly missed the opportunity. Artifact beta is going to start anytime soon in October, and now I'm in torture and despair. What's worst is that I can't do shit about it.😭😭😭

LV.24 Mootiversary! 1year

Apparently, you get one hero for each pack

I was reading through posts in Reddit, and the details for the draft mode dropped. Here's what I found interesting. When players draft packs, which share same structure as a real pack, they are guaranteed exactly one hero. "Exactly one hero" probably means that we won't be able to pull heroes more than one card. People in the comments are discussing whether this could potentially lower the price of hero cards or not. Any thoughts?
I'll leave the link down below:

LV.20 RIP 1year

I heard that Artifact is a Dota 2 Card Game... What does that even mean?

LV.24 GG 1year

I'm sure this has been asked multiple times but...

Where can I get a beta key?
Has any of you been lucky enough to get one?

LV.22 S 1year

I half expected this but...

Annihilation is a rare card.
By the way, it only affects the lane you're using this to, not the whole board.

LV.20 RIP 1year

People are getting baited over fake beta keys😂

Some of the people in Reddit were baited receiving fake beta keys from doing Bananaclicker Raffle.
It's a good thing that I didn't participate, otherwise I would have gotten one too, believing it was the real deal😭

LV.22 S 1year

I can definitely relate to Indiana Jones right now...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

To get a beta key and waste time...
Read the reddit thread, it will explain everything time was wasted and I need to go to bed...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

Crack The Whip -> Coordinated Assault

I'm surprised that this hasn't come up to discussion in this lounge yet. Crack The Whip, a black spell that modifies a black hero with "After you play a black card, give this hero and its allied neighbors +2 Attack this round," has been renamed to Coordinated Assault. Apparently, due to it being a 'black' card that has a title and imagery of whipcracking, some of the people were offended, arguing that the card contains racist connotations. There's already an article about it.
Any thoughts?

verified LV.21 Let’s play Blackout! 1year

Will MTG Arena hurt Artifact?

MTGA has been getting a lot of attention on Twtich lately and has been featured on the home page pretty much every day since the beta released. MTGA could definitely take away a lot of potential Artifact players especially because it's free to play compared to Artifact's up-front cost.

LV.20 S 1year

It wouldn't be wrong to think if the devil was planning this the whole time...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

October is nearing

Artifact releases in two months, and we still don't have any clue on when the beta would start. And most importantly, no news on pre-order with beta access. I've been telling people to be patient, but now I'm losing it myself.

LV.20 RIP 1year

Would 750 Ti be enough to run Artifact?

Like I said in the title. Would it be enough to run it smoothly? My computer's like 4 years old with GTX 750 Ti and i3 4130 I've been pretty much playing most of the games on PS4 and Xbox one. I wish Artifact were released on both consoles. I've been saving up to buy Artifact and booster packs, and I just don't want spend more dollars just to play the game.😅

LV.22 S 1year

A small prize whenever you win a tournament

I couldn't be more happy to welcome Artifact, but if there's absolutely no incentive to play against others, why play it in the first place? Ladder system is not my kind of thing, but I wish there was a compensation for putting efforts in to the game. How does a small prize for every tournament you win sound? Even just a booster pack.

LV.16 Sage 1year

Although rarities don't necessarily decide how powerful a card is...

So far, it seems to me the higher the rarity is, the better the cards are. Of course I won't be running a deck full of only rare cards, but it sure sounds tempting if i ever be able to make one. It's not impossible if you think about it. I saw a post the other day on Reddit saying 61 cards out of 222 are rare. Considering that there will be expansions to come in the future, If I spend just right amount of money, I'll be able to make one.

LV.19 Super Star 1year

What did I miss?

I've been staying away from Artifact for over a week, and there's not a lot of posts going on in the lounge. The official Artifact Twitter seems to be working pretty hard introducing new cards to players, and the search for beta keys is also still ongoing. I planned never to come here again until the official release, but I just couldn't bear it. Can anyone sum up what's going on right now?

verified LV.21 Let’s play Blackout! 1year

Some of is can relate...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

The Future of Artifact Memes... There will be better ones...

Not bad making my first meme...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

You can thank the Chinese for the artifact leak... Looks nice tbh...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

What I got from reddit, take it as a grain of salt...


LV.29 Dragon 1year

Let your Memes be keys for this Artifact Beta Key Contest...

In this contest, you have to make fanart or memes relating to artifact, this one I can have a shot at, but can be fun to do... So here is the link hope this helps anyone and happy meme hunting...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

Reddit is holding a beta key contest for any artist..

I'm can't draw great for my life so might as will share it for anyone willing to take the challenge, you got til the 28th of September...

Here is a link:

Hope it helps any of you out...

LV.29 Dragon 1year

Reddit is going crazy over figuring out ARG for key...

It happening now, here's the info:
All I can do for now, God Speed for any on the search as well...

LV.29 Dragon 1year