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I've played this game, its really cool but for some it may be scary
I know i was even a little scared playing it, demons are there to kill you and you cant be caught. its really hard honestly. I'd recomend watching a walkthrough while playing the game, It helps a whole lot.

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How many people play this game?

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What is this game

I never knew this would have happend.

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No agony no bragony!

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I don’t know this game at all

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AGONY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PC HD) - No Commentary

Have you played this game? How scary is this game? I watched this long long play video. Some people say "This is boring". but I'm a bit scared. Actually, I did not watch it until the end.

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Did this game ever come out?

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release date got postponed

As the release date gets postponed, everyone grows weary and you can hear the screams of thousands of voices. But one cannot expect anything else from a hellish journey of Agony. The goal is just behind the horizon. New details will emerge.

release date got postponed
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How scary is this game?

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I saw the trailer for this game recently. It looks terrifying. But, I kinda wanna play.

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