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Oct 11, 2020, 05:22 PM 88 read

Among Us Beta October Update Patch Notes

  Anonymous Votes You can now choose to make voting anonymous in order to hide everyone’s votes. This way, nobody will know who voted for who during a meeting. Task Bar Updates You can now change when the Task Bar shows up during a game. “Always” is the default setting, but you can now select “Meetings” and “Never” to have the Task Bar only show up during meetings or to never have it visible at all. Colorblind Support The Wires task has been made more accessible for colorblind players. Now each wire has a shape that corresponds to its color to help colorblind players complete this task more easily. These are small changes overall, but they should make matches much more interesting. Anonymous voting will help Imposters avoids suspicion during voting rounds and will make trust and communication much more important for Crewmates. Disabling the Task Bar will also make matches way more stressful for Crewmates and allow Imposters to lie about how many tasks are remaining. Colorblind support is also a heavily requested feature, and it’s nice to see it implemented in the game so quickly. AMONG US FINALLY HAD AN UPDATE!!! (BETA) [*NEW* FEATURES] ➤

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