I'd say don't purchase and wait for a discounted price.

It is fun but it doesn't have much length and has limited replay value

LV.22 S 2years

​​​​​​​I like the fact that it's not too difficult

I had a great time playing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on my laptop with my girlfriend, who isn't as into gaming as me, so if it was too difficult we wouldn't have been able to enjoy it

Founder 2years

​​​​​​​I got lucky and found some random guy on pan through a community

we played the whole game together without quitting so it was a start to finish play but it was craZy for how the game is laid out of how two strangers become friends , anyways the game is amazing I highly suggest it to anyone

LV.22 PlayStation 2years

Add me on xbox MrGrantGrider

Founder 2years

I have the trial played one mission maybe the full way and dude quit said he had to go.

Founder 2years

Is this game good for multiple playthroughs?

This game looks really cool and I have a lot of friends that also want to get it. Once I complete the game with one friend will it still be fun doing it again with a different friend?

LV.24 Budding Buccaneer 2years

​​​​​​​Is there any chance of cross-platform co-op being added to the game?

as in the type that's allowed, like PC x Console?
I'm not sure how easy that would be to make happen but I feel like it would fit well for a 2 player co-op game. I'd love to play this on PS4 with a PC friend.

LV.17 Sage 2years

Just finishing my third playthrough

And somehow I enjoy it just as much as the first
It's interesting how different people try to solve the puzzles differently

Just finishing my third playthrough
Founder 2years

Great job guys

i bought it digitally but still i think it was an amazing approach with that only one person has to buy it.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat! 2years

Bond Maker

I Played This Game With My Bro. And Lets Just Say The Ended Made Feel As If I Was Vince.

LV.5 Lurker 2years

I’m so happy there’s no neutral ending

That feeling of dread, relief, depression all during the credits made my friend stand up and myself slump into my seat
I couldn’t play another game for 3 days

LV.19 Super Star 2years

i love seeing people's reactions to the game, especially the ending

i convinced 2 friends of mine to group up and play

Founder 2years

Just finished the game

Wonderful work! Thank you for this excellent experience. Can't wait for what's next from Hazelight.

Just finished the game
LV.20 S 2years

If I start the game with a friend on his PS4

then want to continue that play-through each of us in our house, will I able to continue that saved game with him? (after downloading the trial myself)

LV.21 Champion 2years

hi i have question about a way out

is it possible for 2 people play on keyboard at same time?

verified LV.22 Avatar 2years

engage a voice call in origin, that cancels out the ingame voice

its stupid how they forced a ingame voice chat, almost everyone that plays it uses discord or teamspeak, and those who dont, dont want to talk in the first place

Founder 2years

Having fun so far, playing it with a friend

Can see why it wouldn't work without a coop partner or even without a mic to communicate. A true coop experience.
I streamed it for like 4.5 hours. Plan to continue today maybe.

verified Founder 2years