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Daily Call of Duty Quiz Question #1

Greetings, Mooties! Today's quiz will challenge your Call of Duty knowledge! If you answer today’s Question correctly you will receive 100 Moot Coins.   MORE IMPORTANTLY, we will choose 10 people to win a $25 US Amazon gift card from among the users who answer all five Quizzes correctly! We will also award a bonus 500 Moot Coins to all users who get all five correct answers!   Now, the time has come to answer today's question! See the Question below 😎   You have until 9 pm PST to submit your answer!

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Which company developed Call of Duty: MW?

  • Bungie 28
  • 2K Interactive 31
  • Moot Games 30
  • Infinity Ward 706
  • Bandai 10

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