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Looking for. HILARIOUS AND BADASS clips for a new series on my channel! Any FPS Game! ANY SYSTEM!

Hi everyone! The Moth Man here, I've been wanting to do this for a while now but have only recently gotten the courage to go for it and ask. My question and request is simple, if you or anyone you know who might be interested have or have wanted to start making clips have any really Badass moments or hilarious moments I'd like to ask if you'd like to allow me to put them in a montage type reel of clips from FPS games on my YouTube channel. This is a non payed gig since I don't make money (yet) on YouTube but I will give a space on the screen for within reasoning a part of text that has for example your gamer tag or YouTube or Twitter name And maybe where your from. Simply I wanna make a series that allows people who want their skills to be seen by others or people who have funny moments they'd love to share have a platform they can use that's free and here to help. So if you are down for sharing your clips on my channel please send me a message!

Ps if you do decide to help and send in your clips, I will be making another channel after I get my first channel off its feet, this channel will be a platform for people who are just starting off to post to and use as sort of a hub to get more views so for example you really love playing this indie game and have recorded a episode but are to afraid or need another outlet this channel will be a safe haven and a helping community for new creators to get their foot in the door.

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Trade or buy

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Nvm I got it now

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Selling account

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PUBG memes

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Duos ? Ps4 , COMMENT

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