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The Daily Moot (6/7/18)

1. Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Para Bellum is Live


The highly anticipated update for Ubisoft’s popular game is finally live. Operation Para Bellum brings two new operators to the game, Maestro and Alibi. Season Pass owners have immediately unlocked the new operators and players without the season pass can unlock them with Renown Credits next week. The update also marks the launch of the game’s 20th map, Villa. Villa is set in a beautiful little Italian town, and Ubisoft claims it is their most tactical map to date. Check out everything that is new in the patch notes linked below.

  2. WB Games Confirms Hitman 2, Set to Release This Year   After some leaks earlier this week suggested we might be getting another Hitman, WB Games has confirmed it. The game will feature Agent 47 as the main character again and will release on November 13th for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The entire game will be released at once instead of over time like the original Hitman. Hitman 2 will also include a co-op game mode called Sniper Assassin mode.

  3. Valve Will Now Allow Almost Any Game on Steam   Last month, there was some controversy as Steam tried to censor ‘inappropriate’ games from their store library. The issue, which naturally arises in situations like these, is that different people have different definitions of inappropriate. Steam has decided to allow all games, except for illegal games or “straight up trolling,” as a work around. Players will have more control over what games they see, so if you don’t like a genre of game you can hide it from your store.

  4. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a Parody Battle Royale   Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is out now and we can’t tell if it’s a battle royale or a joke. The game comes from the developer Landfall to show off their upcoming game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Landfall as a studio is best known for ClusterTruck, another joke game where players had to jump from semi-truck to semi-truck without touching the ground. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is free on Steam until Friday, so pick it up and check it out.

  5. Paladins Confirmed for Nintendo Switch   Hi-Rez Studios announced today that Paladins will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 12th. Paladins is a team-based shooter, similar to Overwatch, that uses a unique card-based ability loadout system to allow one to customize how they play their character. This confirmation gives more credibility to the leak that showed Fortnite coming to Switch, as Paladins was included in the same leak. Paladins will cost 30 dollars upon launch and will be free sometime this summer.

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