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The Daily Moot (6/5/18)

1. New Gun System and Game Mode in Destiny 2’s ‘Forsaken’ Expansion


After a short period of hype, Bungie has revealed more details for their upcoming expansion. ‘Forsaken’ is set to release in September and will pit players against seven different Fallen bosses. The expansion brings a few big changes to the game, including a new mode called Gambit and a complete overhaul of the weapon system. Gambit combines PVE and PVP elements, while the new weapon system will allow players more flexibility in the weapons they choose to use.

  2. Fortnite Adds New Bouncer Trap   Another week, another awesome new contraption coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. This week’s new gadget is the Bouncer trap, a rare trap that will bounce you in any direction based on how you hit it. The effect the Bouncer trap gives is similar to Hop Rocks; you fly higher and farther than normal and won’t take fall damage after your first jump. Rumors even suggest that if you hit the Bouncer with a shopping cart you’ll go flying.

  3. PUBG Adds Longer Market Restrictions on Selling Crates   About a month ago PUBG Corp took away the ability to trade their cosmetic items from one player to another in order to prevent sales on third-party websites. Now, to further combat unsavory market practices PUBG Corp has decided to restrict selling their crates on the marketplace for a few weeks after they release. When new crates are released in PUBG, they sell for a high price on the marketplace as big spenders try to open the rarest items.

  4. GOG Summer Gaming Sale Has Some Great Deals   GOG Summer Sale is live now through June 18th with some sweet deals for PC gamers. The best deal in the whole sale is Xenonauts, which you can get for free right now! Notable titles on sale include the Fallout series, Divinity Original Sin 2, and Cuphead. There are also discounted Star Wars games, like the classics Republic Commando and Knights of the Old Republic. Check out all the sales at

  5. Action RPG ‘Code Vein’ Gets September Release Date   Code Vein is an anime-style, post-apocalyptic action RPG which is set to release on September 28th of this year. According to, “the main character of the game is a vampiric Revenant who’s able to access supernatural powers after a drink of blood.” The gameplay involves you exploring a large, connected world with a buddy as you obtain new powers and weapons. There is a trailer for the game in the article attached below, so check it out and see if it’s worth marking your calendars.

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