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The Daily Moot (6/4/18)

1. Rocket League Announces Jurassic World DLC

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In unexpected and exciting news, Rocket League announced this morning an upcoming Jurassic World themed DLC. The Jurassic World Car Pack will be available on all platforms starting June 18th for only $1.99. The car pack includes the classic Jurassic Jeep Wrangler car, a T-Rex goal explosion, a Jurassic Park hard hat topper, and Jurassic Park themed player banners and flags.

  2. Sky Noon Gets Early Access Launch Date   After multiple closed beta tests, Sky Noon is ready to come to Early Access on June 14th. The game is a shooter set high in the sky, where players shoot air at each other instead of bullets with the goal of knocking enemies off the map. Although it sounds a bit silly the game is actually a ton of fun to play. Beyond just guns, players have access to grappling hooks, jet packs, jump pads, and more to maneuver around the map. Sky Noon will cost $15 upon launch.

  3. ‘Echoes of Alterac’ is Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Event   The newest Heroes of the Storm event is a World of Warcraft themed event called ‘Echoes of Alterac.’ The timing makes sense, as Blizzard’s popular MMO has a new expansion called Battle for Azeroth coming in just a couple months. The Heroes of the Storm event brings both a new battleground, called Alterac Pass, and a new hero: Yrel. Yrel is a paladin from World of Warcraft who will fill the tank role in her team.

  4. Destiny 2 to Announce ‘Forsaken’ Expansion Tomorrow   Bungie is hosting a big reveal stream tomorrow morning to kick of the second year of Destiny 2’s lifespan. A twitter teaser revealed the name of Destiny 2’s September expansion to be ‘Forsaken.’ The logo revealed in the teaser suggests the main enemy in the expansion will the be the Fallen. The announcement will cover new features including weapon slot changes, new modes, and mode so be sure to tune in at 9 am PT.

  5. State of Decay 2 Reaches 2 Million Players in 2 Weeks   State of Decay 2 is an open world zombie survival game that has apparently been quite popular in its first few weeks out. You can play co-op with up to 4 players, which may explain some of the popularity. There’s nothing quite like fighting off zombie hordes with friends. State of Decay 2 lets you play as different classes to maximize your chances of survival, but time will tell if that gives the game enough replayability to stay relevant.

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