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The Daily Moot (5/31/18)

1. ‘Fractured Lands’ is a Mad Max Style Battle Royale Coming Soon


Fractured Lands is a new battle royale game set to begin testing in June of this year. That games looks to draw inspiration from Mad Max and PUBG, as it features scrappy competitors driving janky vehicles in a desolate wasteland. It seems Fractured Lands is going to focus more heavily on your vehicle than other games. You can even upgrade your vehicle and store loot inside it. Check out the trailer and sign up for the closed beta at

  2. PUBG Overhauls Grenades on Test Server   A new build has come to PUBG’s test server and it includes some pretty drastic changes to the game’s grenades. The Molotov grenade, historically PUBG’s least used grenade, will now have a significantly larger area of effect. In addition, the fire will spread along walls and wooden surfaces. Stun grenades also got buffed, as they’ll affect enemies more. Finally, frag grenades will have increased range and damage but will no longer knock enemies back. The test server build also includes a new anti-cheat technology.

  3. ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ Might be Next in Series   A leak from a French video game website posted an image of a novelty keychain that says Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on it. The keychain features a spartan helmet on it, suggesting the series may be going to Greece for the next game. There has no word from Ubisoft yet in response to the leak, but they will hopefully confirm the next Assassin’s Creed game at E3 in two weeks.

  4. Fortnite’s Map is Evolving with the New Update   Fortnite’s map had some drastic changes at the start of the season, the most notable of which was a meteorite destroying Dusty Depot and turning it into Dusty Divot. That meteorite is now cracking apart, revealing more of what is inside. Additionally, grass is starting to regrow inside Dusty Divot. There are also mysterious roots starting to sprout up all across the map. These roots cannot be destroyed or interacted with in any way.

  5. Battlefield V Introduces Airborne Mode and Individual Progression   A tweet from the official Battlefield twitter account announced Airborne, a game mode where players parachute onto the map and fight over heavy artillery weapons. An additional tweet from the Battlefield account mentioned individual progression trees for each player class. It is nice to see more details about Battlefield V after the original announcement, which didn’t cover much. Hopefully we will learn even more about the new game at E3 in a couple weeks.

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