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The Daily Moot (3/5/19)

News Picks

1. Red Dead Online Introduces new Game Mode ‘Fool’s Gold’

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Rockstar rolled out a new game mode for Red Dead Online today. The new game mode is called Fool’s Gold; players compete to wear a golden suit of armor and then kill as many enemies as possible while wearing it. The update also offers free items to players who login this week; ammo, fire bottles, fire arrows, and more are all available to pick up at camp or any in-game post office. Finally, you can now use John Marston’s Evans Repeater rifle.

  2. Magic: the Gathering Black Lotus Sells for $166,100   A copy of Black Lotus, the most desired and arguably most powerful card in Magic: the Gathering, just sold for $166,100 USD on Ebay. This particular Black Lotus is from the Alpha set, which was the game’s first ever print run dating back to 1993. The reason this Black Lotus sold for so much is its 9.5 out of 10 Beckett rating; this is effectively as mint condition as you ever find a card. Just 7 months ago, another 9.5 Black Lotus sold for $87,672. For comparision, a 9.0 Black Lotus sold for only $57,350 in January.

  3.Previously Exclusive Fortnite Skin ‘Reflex’ No Longer Exclusive   The Reflex skin for Fortnite was initially only available through an Nvidia bundle, but it was available in yesterday’s item shop for 1200 Vbucks. Many players are apparently upset at this, as they perceived Reflex to be an exclusive similar to the Samsung Galaxy skin; people were buying graphic cards to get the exclusive skin to then resell both the graphics card and the skin code to profit. Seems a bit skeezy, so maybe we shouldn’t feel too much sympathy? Or is this just capitalism at work?

  4. MLB The Show 19 New Game Mode called ‘March to October’   MLB The Show has been the dominant baseball video game series for what feels like forever at this point. No other realistic baseball game has captured an audience the way MLB The Show does year after year. This year’s installment in the series will feature a new game mode called March to October. In it, you will pop in and play the most key moments throughout your team’s season to propel your team toward the playoffs. Check out the article below to see 47 minutes of unedited footage of the new game mode.

  5. Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter Adds 5 New Exotics   The Season of the Drifter update came to Destiny 2 today, bringing with it five new Exotics. There are new exotic gauntlets for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks and two new Exotic weapons. The first of the two Exotic weapons is Thorn, which will be available via an Exotic quest starting on March 12th. The other Exotic weapon is Arbalest, a Kinetic linear fusion rifle; we don’t yet know how to get your hands on Arbalest.

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    Looks Like Lord Tachanka got a new skin lol

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