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The Daily Moot (3/4/19)

1. Apex Legends hits 50 Million Players

Apex Legends has officially hit 50 million unique players, just one month after the game launched. For comparison, it took Fortnite’s free battle royale mode four months to hit 50 million players. However, battle royale gaming is more mainstream now than it was then, largely due to Fortnite. Whether Apex Legends will continue to grow to the point where it can compete with Fortnite, which has by now seen over 200 million players, is yet to be seen.

  2. The PlayStation 2 is 19 Years Old Today   19 years ago, Sony introduced the PlayStation 2 to Japanese markets. Roughly 6 months later, on October 26th, 2000 Sony introduced the console to the US market. Since then, over 155 million PS2s have been sold. Some of the most iconic gaming franchises were born on the PlayStation 2. Many gamers, too, found their passion for the hobby on a PlayStation 2. What were some of your favorite PlayStation 2 games?

  3. Astralis Win CS:GO Major at IEM Katowice   The grand finals of this weekend’s CS:GO major was a classive David vs. Goliath situation. Astralis is clearly the best team in the world and arguably the best team in Counter Strike history. ENCE were the underdogs, but they had already defeated the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the world on their way to the finals. Despite ENCE starting strong, Astralis quickly found their form and dominated the finals. Astralis has now won 3 out of the last 5 majors, including two in a row.

  4. Gwent Expansion ‘Crimson Curse’ Announced   Gwent is CD Projekt Red’s Witcher-based card game. The game will be getting it’s first expansion, called Crimson Curse, on March 28th. Crimson Curse will introduce over 100 new cards, with 31 neutral cards and 14 per faction. There are new mechanics including: new Poison and Bleeding effects, Shield and Vitality boosts, and mechanics called Deathblow and Berserk. There are five preview cards on Gwent’s website to view now.

  5. Sony is Allegedly Offering Refunds over Anthem Crashes on PS4   Anthem has a bit of a bumpy launch with concerns over both game mechanics and server stability. However, a third issue is a number of PlayStation 4 players who are experiencing console crashes while playing Anthem. Some of the crashes are so severe that a few users have claimed Anthem has bricked their system. Apparently, Sony is issuing refunds to some users who request them, although others claim their refund requests have been denied.


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