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The Daily Moot (2/21/19)

1. Black Ops 4 Loot Boxes Cause Controversy

Cosmetic-based microtransactions are nothing new and the gaming community largely accepts that microtransactions can exist as long as they don’t affect gameplay. Nobody wants a pay-to-win game. Apparently the Black Ops 4 team didn’t get the memo; now they’ve locked the new specialists behind a loot box paywall. This goes directly against what their design director promised just a few months ago. It’s honestly disgusting that they would so blatantly lie to the community like this, and this will seriously make me reconsider ever buying another Call of Duty game again.

  2. Hearthstone Giving Regular Players a Chance to Go Pro   Hearthstone is unveiling their brand new pro scene which is sure to bring excitement to high-level casual players. Rather than being invite-only or restricted to only the top legends, there will be 30 tournaments held each week that anybody of any rank can enter. The highest performing players will earn an invite to a Masters Tour event which has a guaranteed minimum prize pool of $250,000.

  3. Space Engineers Finally Getting Full Release   After more than 5 years of early-access with over 200 updates, Space Engineers is finally getting its full release. Since its inception, Space Engineers has been critically acclaimed as one of the best physics-based, realistic sandbox games on the market. The developers say that along with their full release, they’re creating a survival mode which will add new layers to the game and make it much more of an experience than merely being a great sandbox game. The full release is scheduled for February 28.

  4. Reggie Retires, Bowser Takes Over Nintendo   Reggie Fils-Aime, the beloved president of Nintendo, is retiring. Reggie has been one of the most prominent and recognizable faces in the gaming industry since he first joined Nintendo in 2003. Of course, all eras must come to an end and we wish Reggie a fantastic retirement. Perhaps even more interesting than Reggie’s retirement is the name of his successor: Bowser. I’m not making this up, Bowser is really taking over Nintendo. Doug Bowser to be precise. The shift will come in a couple months on April 15, hopefully Doug Bowser will be as great of a personality as Reggie is.   5. Embark Studios Unveil First Game   The former head of DICE, Patrick Söderlund, (responsible for classic titles such as Battlefield) left EA last summer to start a new gaming studio called Embark Studios. He just gave us a sneak-peak of their studio debut and the game looks absolutely phenomenal. It’s a co-op action game that requires teamwork to survive in a vast environment and overcome difficult challenges. It will also be completely free to play. Not only does the game sound incredible but it looks gorgeous, and will push visual limits to their max with things like dynamic weather and lighting. Just check out this picture below:


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