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The Daily Moot (2/20/19)

1. Apex Legends Gets its First New Gun

Apex Legends received its first new gun today! It’s a full-auto assault rifle called “Havoc” that uses energy ammo. Like the Devotion, it charges up and increases its rate of fire. It’s the first gun in the game that can use two different hop ups: the turbocharger and select fire. The turbocharger removes spin up time while the select fire allows you to shoot a powerful laser shot.

  2. Steam Shutting Down Videos Section   Steam’s seldom-used Videos section is being retired. Steam has scrapped its non-gaming related video market in order to focus entirely on gaming. There will still be gaming videos available but they will only be accessible through searches and recommendations. If you have previously purchased any movies or other non-gaming videos on Steam, all of your previous purchases will still be available to you.

  3. Rocket League Launches Cross-Platform Parties   With the start of Season 10, Rocket League has launched their new party system which will allow players from any platform to party up and game with each other. As much as console giants have tried to prevent it, it’s clear that crossplay is the future of gaming. Rocket League’s successful cross-platform launch should help facilitate the process for future games to follow suit and unite gamers across all platforms.

  4. Paradox Launching Modding Platform   Paradox is partnering with Microsoft to launch their new “Paradox Mods.” Modding games has historically been restricted to PC players so this is a huge step for console gaming as it will allow Xbox One players to use mods. Right now the platform has about 30 Xbox One mods for Surviving Mars, but it will likely add more for other Paradox games such as Cities:Skylines. Let’s hope that other developers will follow Paradox’s lead and start bringing mods to console.

  5. Red Dead Online Getting Major Update   Red Dead Online is getting a major update next week which will introduce new clothing, weapons, and a new game mode called “Fool’s Gold.” In Fool’s Gold players will be hunting down a set of golden armor and attempt to kill enemies while wearing it to increase their score. Although Red Dead Online is starting to receive substantial attention from Rockstar, it will still remain in beta for the foreseeable future. The update is scheduled to come out on PS4 on February 26 and Xbox shortly after.


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