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The Daily Moot (2/15/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 42: How to win in Apex Legends!   We couldn't help ourselves, so we went ahead and did another entire episode focused on Apex Legends! We talk about our favorite Legends to play, places to drop, and gun combos to use. We also include a couple nice tips that should help you become Champion!

  2. Fortnite is Currently Plagued by Earthquakes   Remember Fortnite? Well, because you’ve been playing Apex Legends for the last couple weeks, we figured we’d help you get caught up with everything happening in Fortnite. Currently, earthquakes are shaking Fortnite’s map and leaving behind cracks in the ground. We don’t yet know the source of the earthquakes and we don’t know what things are building up to, but expect to find out when Season 8 launches next month.

  3. Anthem is now Live for EA Origin Access Members   Anthem is now live on Origin Access Premier. If you’re a member, you’re all set to get into the game and start playing. If you’re not a part of Origin Access, you’ll have to wait until a week from today to play. Specifically, Anthem will be live at 9 pm Pacific Time on February 21st. It will be interesting to see how the success of one EA game, Apex Legends, affects the release of Anthem. Honestly, we forgot Anthem even existed once we got our hands on Apex Legends.

  4. Ubisoft Reveals Names of Next Two Operators in Rainbow Six Siege   We already knew the next two operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege were Aussies, but we now know their names. Gridlock is a farm girl from Central Queensland who uses Trax Stringers to help her team control their surroundings. Mozzie, the other new operator, uses a crossbow-deployed “Pest” to hamper the attacking team’s attempts to gather intel. The full Operation Burnt Horizon will be revealed during the Six Invitational this weekend.

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