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The Daily Moot (2/14/19)

1. Apex Legends Beats Fortnite on Twitch for 10 Days in a Row

First of all, if you haven’t played Apex Legends yet shame on you! The game is free to play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4. Apex Legends is not only incredibly fun to play, but it is also incredibly fun to watch. So fun to watch, in fact, that the game has beaten Fortnite in Twitch viewership for 10 straight days. Since the game’s launch, Apex Legends is growing in viewership numbers every day which is an amazing sign. If you’re looking for teammates to play with or some nice tips and tricks to play better, head over to the Apex Legends lounge here on Moot now!

  2. Fortnite Patch v7.40 Introduces Infantry Rifle   It feels like forever since Fortnite added a new gun, but maybe that’s just because we’ve been playing Apex Legends instead of paying attention. Epic Games introduced patch v7.40 today which brings the Infantry Rifle to the game. The Infantry Rifle is like an assault rifle/hunting rifle combo; it is a semi-automatic weapon that is high accuracy and high damage. The patch also changed disguise bushes; they will now absorb one instance of damage.

  3. Hollow Knight Sequel Announced   Hollow Knight is certainly one of the most satisfying and beautiful games released in the last few years. The platform is beautiful in all respects; the music, the art, and the gameplay will all leave you speechless. Team Cherry hit us this morning with the amazing news that they’re working on a full-blown sequel called Hollow Knight: Silksong. The new game will feature Hornet as the main character, which is pretty sweet. We’ll get to explore new places, face new enemies, and solve new puzzles. We couldn’t be more excited!

  4. Tetris Battle Royale named ‘Tetris 99’ now Available on Switch   During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct several exciting things were announced, but perhaps none are more exciting than Tetris 99. Tetris 99 is the battle royale we never knew we wanted or needed; in Tetris 99, you’ll compete against 98 other players. When you complete a line it will cause blocks to fill up your opponents’ screens. Eventually the field will dwindle until only one remains, the ultimate champion.

  5. Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass can be Free   You can get the battle pass for Fortnite’s upcoming Season 8 if you complete all the overtime challenges. You will have almost two weeks to complete your challenges. Five overtime challenges are available today and more will be available to complete until Feburary 27th. The challenges seem to be relatively easy to accomplish, so hopefully everyone who wants to grind for the free battle pass will be able to earn it before the 27th.

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