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The Daily Moot (5/16/18)

1. League of Legends Introducing Weekly Tournament Mode


‘Clash’ is the name of a new tournament game mode coming to League of Legends next weekend. Players will sign up as a team during the week and then play in tournament matches over the weekend. On Friday, your team will play in a four-team bracket. The winning teams progress to eight team brackets on Saturday, and the teams that win on Saturday move onto sixteen team tournaments on Sunday. Players of any rank can join if they are at least honor level two and you will be paired against similarly ranked teams.

  2. Battlefield V Reveal Set for May 23rd   Electronic Arts has been teasing a Battlefield reveal for the past few weeks and new information all but confirms the new game will be called Battlefield V. Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, tweeted out that he will be hosting the Battlefield Live Reveal set for May 23rd. In an attached video, he sips from a coffee mug with a big letter V on it, which most take to be effective confirmation of the new game’s name.

  3. Okami HD Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date   The official Okami Twitter account revealed today that Capcom will be releasing Okami HD on August 9th for the Nintendo Switch. In Okami, the player channels the power of the gods through brushstrokes to solve puzzles. The Switch will allow players to utilize the touchscreen while in handheld mode and motion controls while in TV or tabletop mode to play the game in an all new way.

  4. How to Play Super Smash Bros on Switch at E3   If you were planning on waiting in line for hours at E3 this year to play the new Super Smash Bros., think again. To prevent long lines and disgruntled fans, Nintendo will be requiring players to sign up ahead of time to test the new Super Smash Bros at E3 this year. Players will sign up for either a ‘for fun’ or a ‘for glory’ match, with the former being casual and the latter being more competitive.    

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