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The Daily Moot (2/12/19)

1. Apex Legends hits 25 Million Players

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After just a single WEEK on the market, Apex Legends has reached over 25 million players! This game is truly something special; the servers are stable, the Legends and weapons feel relatively balanced, and the gameplay is genuinely exciting. There will be some new cosmetics this week to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Also, this afternoon there is the Twitch Rivals tournament where some of Twitch’s biggest streamers will compete to win the lion's share of $50,000 USD. If you need teammates or advice for Apex Legends head on over to the game’s lounge here on Moot.

  2. Rocket League Cross-Play Parties Coming Next Week   This feature in Rocket League has been highly requested for a long time and it is apparently going to arrive next week. We say apparently because Psyonix has pushed back the release of cross-play parties several times over the last year. The update also comes with a friends list, where you can add friends regardless of platform. The Friends Update comes to Rocket League on February 19th.

  3. The Division 2 Open Beta Starts March 1st   You’ll have one last chance to try The Division 2 before it releases on March 15th. Starting on March 1st, there will be an open beta for the game that will last 3 days. We don’t know whether there will be fresh content in the open beta beyond the missions included in last week’s private beta. In the private beta there were two main missions, five side missions, and a Dark Zone. The Division 2 is releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

  4. Civilization 6 is Free on Steam This Week   The Civilization series is seriously awesome. You can get completely lost in one of these turn-based strategy games. If you want to try out Civilization 6, you can play the game for free on Steam this week to celebrate the impending release of the game’s Gathering Storm expansion. Gathering Storm is introducing weather to the equation alongside some other cool new features. The game is also 70% off this week. Gathering Storm launches on February 14th.

  5. Upcoming Red Dead Online Update will introduce Anti-Griefing Measures   Red Dead Online will get an update in a couple weeks that aims to reduce griefing amongst players. Player blips will be hidden on the map unless you’re within 150 meters of another player or firing your gun. Additionally, aggressive players will have their blips darkened in color so others can know they may be a danger. There is also a new Law and Order system where criminal acts will lead to a bounty. Read more about the update at the link below.

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