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The Daily Moot (1/19/18)

News Picks

1. Video Games to be in 2024 Olympics   Japan is currently in the process of legalizing professional gaming in their country with the end goal of having gaming in the 2024 Olympics. Japan is a country centered around peace and tranquility amongst the people which is completely opposite of what most video games are about (hence why professional gaming is illegal). If this was to become legal and was in fact in the Olympics, it would be a huge step in legitimizing professional gaming to all people. Some people may find pro gaming silly, but it is indeed a sport that will take the world by storm sooner or later.

  2. PUBG to Ban 100,000 Users   Cheating in PUBG has been all the buzz in the past few months or so which has riled up the community in a bad way. Bluehole, the developers of the game, have made it apparent that they are planning on dealing with the cheaters as soon as possible, but when is that really going to happen? Well, the developers just announced that 100,000 users will be banned in one swift motion after a comprehensive data review. Hopefully this action comes sooner rather than later because cheating is really hindering such an amazing game.

  3. New Pharah Overwatch Skin   The new legendary Overwatch skin for Pharah is shiny, beautiful, and down right fabulous. The shiny gold armor turns Pharah into a walking, rocket launcher wielding, snake-looking destroying machine. Overwatch is calling the skin the “ASP Pharah” skin which stands for “All Snake Pharah.” OVerall, it is a very awesome look that I am hoping to get myself. Check out the link to see the skin for yourself!

  4. Incredible PUBG Kill   Sometimes in video games when you get killed you just have to give credit to the murderer, accept it, and move on. This is exactly what happened recently in a PUBG match to player “lolbeetlejuice.” This is a highlight for the history books that you will not want to miss; click the link to view the incredibly epic highlight!

  5. Dragon Ball Super to end this March   The impressive and well known anime, Dragon Ball Super, will be coming to a close this March. After the show's original criticism of being a low quality and sub par show, Dragon Ball Super picked up to be a fan favorite anime world wide. It is sad to know that the show will be coming to a close soon but whatever comes next for Dragon Ball will surely be a smashing hit!

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  • NO NAME verified Jan 20, 2018, 04:20 AM

    It's cool to see them dealing with unfair players, that need to cheat and not take the game seriously, by banning them, i wish more games would get these kind of ban detection waves.

    Also, the Pharah skin looks unreal! I hope to see the skins of the new unseen lucio, and hanzo's soon! :D

  • ObliviousRex LV.36 RIP Jan 23, 2018, 03:26 AM

    More Daily Moot, please. This is a great feature, and I feel like it should be the Moot home page everyone starts on.

  • NO NAME verified Jan 24, 2018, 03:50 PM

    Maybe I can finally be in the Olympics.

    Lol who am I kidding. :/

  • NO NAME verified Jan 24, 2018, 08:42 PM

    That sounds pretty good

  • NO NAME verified Jan 27, 2018, 09:24 AM

    If we're talking Overwatch banning can sometimes be a problem but PUBG is definitely a bigger problem. Hacking and modding in single player is still bad but not as worse a multiplayer its the worst online.