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The Daily Moot (2/1/19)

Happy Friday Moot Pies! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian the guys speculate about the PlayStation 5. Rumors are swirling about the upcoming system and anything could happen! Check out the episode below!

2. Surprise Hearthstone Nerfs Change some Classic Cards   In a surprising update, Blizzard announced they are nerfing some iconic Basic and Classic cards. This is mostly surprising because the last balance update was only about a month ago. In total 5 cards are changing when the update goes live on February 5th. Rogue spell Cold Blood will now cost 2 mana instead of 1; Shaman card Flametongue Totem will now cost 3 mana instead of 2; Paladin spell Equality will now cost 4 mana instead of 2; Hunter spell Hunter’s Mark will now cost 2 mana instead of 1; and finally, Hunter card Emerald Spellstone will now cost 6 mana instead of 5.

  3. Dr. Mario World Coming to Mobile   A Dr. Mario World game will be coming to mobile devices in the United States and Japan this summer. Dr. Mario World will be free to play and will include optional in-app purchases. There isn’t any specific information for what to expect from the new mobile game, but we can safely expect it to be a puzzle game similar to the original Dr. Mario game released in 1990.

  4. OWL All-Access Pass Will let you Choose Camera Angles   Starting with the impending 2019 Overwatch League season, the All-Access Pass will grant you the option to choose your camera angles. This has been a highly requested feature from OWL fans, so it is nice to see Blizzard provide viewers with the option. The All-Access Pass for the new season will only cost $15 USD and will also provide users with ad-free viewing, 200 Overwatch League tokens, and a single-use discount code for 20% off OWL merch.

  5. Fortnite’s In Game Concert Featuring Marshmello Starts Tomorrow   If you’re a fan of Fortnite, Marshmello, or both you’re going to want to make sure you’re in Pleasant Park tomorrow at 2pm ET. There is going to be some sort of live concert in-game featuring popular electronic musician Marshmello. Epic Games has gone the full nine yards for this event, including a full line of Marshmello cosmetics in the Fortnite store last night.

================== We're incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Broken eSports, an up and coming esports organization that is making a splash in the Call of Duty World League! Be on the lookout though, as they're quickly expanding into other esports as well! Read more at the post below:

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